Etel’s and critics alike, and as New York-based

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Last updated: July 17, 2019

Etel’swork has been held to a high regard in the artistic community and overall worldstage, and as art curator and critic Hans-Ulrich Obrist has stated, “her workis the opposite of cynicism.

It is pure oxygen in a world full of wars” (Farrell,J. 2016). While Etel’s writing has been published worldwide and has received coveragefor years, Etel’s work as a painter did not truly get much attention until the2010’s, when she was in her late 80’s.

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Even so, Etel’s work continues to enchantthe art community, curators and critics alike, and as New York-based arthistorian Bansie Vasvani has stated of Etel’s paintings, “Adnan stresses shapesand planar masses that often appear as painterly gestures and non-rectilinearstructures. Through her eloquently minimalist configurations and inventivetechnique, Adnan fortifies her place as a masterof abstraction” (Vasvani, B. 2014. In her essay On Perception: Etel Adnan’s Visual Art, ceramicartist Simone Fattal writes of Etel, “Adnan’s paintings play the role the oldicons used to play for people who believed.

They exude energy and give energy.They grow on you like talismans. They help in living everyday life.” (Dal Cin,I. 2012). It’s easy to see why Etel’s work has received more exposure now thanever before, because amid many wars, or even just personal hardship, peoplewant to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and be reminded, like Edel whenshe looked outside of her California home and painted Mount Tamalpais time andtime again, that there is certainty even in uncertainty. A tranquil peace canbe found among anything and everything around you; you just need to look.

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