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Eugene M. & Christine E. Lynn CancerInstituteLynn Cancer InstituteThe Boca Raton Hospital was established in1967 as a not-for-profit. The hospital employees over 2,800 people and has morethan 800 physicians on staff. Boca Raton Hospital is a recognized leader inOncology, Women’s Health, Orthopedics, and the Neuroscience. Which all offer advanceddiagnostic and imaging abilities (Boca Raton Regional Hospital 2018).

Thehospital states that their mission is to deliver the highest quality patientcare with unrelenting attention to clinical excellence, patient satisfactionand patient safety. Their team of professionals demonstrate unparalleled compassionand commitment to those they serve. The hospital has a variety of facilities includingthe Eugene M. & Christine E.

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Lynn Cancer Institute.OverviewThe Eugene M. & Christine E.

LynnCancer Institute is one of the largest cancer centers in South Florida and isaccredited as a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the American College ofSurgeons. The Lynn Cancer Institute treats more than 3,000 cancer patients eachyear in their state-of-the-art facilities. The Institute has more than 20 oncology physicians and a fullcomplement of oncology professionals, which are on staff to serve each patient(Lynn Cancer Institute 2018).

According to the institute, the patients receivetreatment and services from specialists in genetics, surgery, radiationoncology, medical oncology, pathology, and imaging Lynn Cancer Institute 2018).Service and CapabilitiesMultimodalityCare. What makes the Lynn Cancer Institute unique is theirapproach in providing multimodality care for their patients. Multimodality careessentially means that the institute offers multiple forms of care for itspatients. Each multimodality team is comprised of physicians and healthcareprofessionals who are specialist in a patient’s specific type of cancer.

This teamdevelops standards of care using the most advanced treatments available for thespecific type of cancer it treats. (Lynn Cancer Institute 2018). The care teamalso includes family and group counseling. The research team and data centerwork hand in hand with the administrative staff to keep the patients and calltheir information up to date.Support Services.

The Lynn Cancer Institute also has the MorganPressel Center of Cancer Genetics. This center helps instill preventativemeasures in patients who may have a predisposition to certain cancers. Thispart of the Lynn Cancer Center obtains comprehensive family histories and usesthe latest testing procedures to help determine the possible predisposition.The Institute also has the Center for Hematology-Oncology. This center offers amultidisciplinary care team that includes a fully certified staff of nurses,technologist, dosimetrists, physicists, physicians, and psychologist. CyberKinfe. The Lynn Cancer Institute is also one of only a handful ofoncology programs in the United States to offer the use of CyberKinfe.

CyberKnife has a high degree of accuracy, which makes it possible to deliver avery high dose of radiation to a targeted tumor with minimal damage to thenormal tissues and structures surrounding it. The ideal aim is to vaporize thetumor with a high radiation dose noninvasively. This technology has been provento be an effective alternative to surgery for small tumors and selected medicalconditions (Kurup, 2010). This type of treatment can not only cut individualtreatment in half, but it also reduces the total amount of times that a patientneeds to be treated. CyberKnife can treat prostate, brain, spine, liver,kidney, and eye tumors (Lynn Cancer Institute 2018).

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