Euthanasia should be legalized in Cyprus

Euthanasia can be described as an impassionate, cruel, ruthless act that survived through ages until modern days. Yet people are asking to alter our moral values and principles by demanding legal practice of euthanasia on human beings.

This design must once for all be prevented. Such a thing must not, and will not be accepted, because life is meant to be lived in order to be kept alive.To begin with, the practice of euthanasia will diversify moralities. The Hippocratic oath, which was kept by doctors for thousands of years now acting as a motive to make them offer their best in helping their fellowman in pain will then be erased for ever. As if this was not enough doctors will be forced to act as executioners. They will be the ones to take away a human life, whether it will be against or over their will.

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This of course will have a negative effect to the doctors themselves. Their image of the loving, kind and affectionate person will then be changed to a cruel inhuman, heartless assassinator. Furthermore doctors will be given absolute power and the lives of many people will then lie upon their hands.

This makes them act as being God since they will have the legal authority to decide whether to kill a person or not.Obviously other more complicated destructive effects will then appear to the surface. Once euthanasia is legalized it will then be abused by people and doctors. It will be made easier for people who may wish the death of another person to accomplish so, through euthanasia.

People may pay doctors to kill someone ‘legally’ solving in that way all their problems. Therefore corruption of people who are authorized to take a decision of someone’s death will certainly occur resulting in parallel to an increase in crime. This will also make people in our society less trustworthy and honest where money comes along.

In addition complicated legal procedure will be needed in order to avoid any wrong decisions to be taken upon a matter of life and death. This will lead to serious, never ending court battles so that approval will finally be given. Consequently it would be better not to add even more trouble to courts that already have enough cases to get along with.Another major blockage that is almost definite it will arise is the one regarding our religion. The Greek Cypriot Orthodox Church is against taking human lives one way or another. The legalization of euthanasia will cause long-term problems.

It is obvious that the church will not remain inactive. With the support of a large percentage of the Greek Cypriot population the church will strongly oppose if such a decision is taken, since it is evident that disobeys all Christian teachings which are considered as the core of our religion.An additional technical problem is the inability of the patient to take a logical decision during period of time, which he is under high pressure and great depression. The decision maybe rush and incorrect since the patient is not in his right mind. Therefore we must not give them the chance to do so by legalizing euthanasia.

We must keep trying to persuade them that it worth living whatever the difficulties, and vitalize them in time of pain and despair. Also, once euthanasia is legalized it may be an easy way for people who want to put an end to their lives to do so through euthanasia, and as a result more suicides will take place. It is thus sure that the death rate will increase rapidly and quality of life will be declined.People supporting the idea of euthanasia practiced on humans sustain many unreasonable excuses of why euthanasia should be legalized. One of these is that terminally ill people are made a burden to those who depend on, making their lives miserable. This of course sounds very selfish. If someone really cares about a person whether it is a relative a friend or a total stranger he’ll do everything possible to convince that person to keep fighting his demons in order to be strong enough to live.

People who really concern about someone, they will not even think that he is a burden to them, but oppositely they will keep offering until all their power is exhausted.Another excuse used is that life becomes meaningless when someone is terminally ill. This is also not true. It is in times like these that we really realize the meaning of life and we get to appreciate life even more than before.

Life is the holiest thing we own and we must make sure that we take good care of it. Saying that life doesn’t worth living when you are disable or terminally ill shows immaturity and weakness of character. No one finds life worth living; we must make it worth living.Moreover euthanasia’s supporters subscribe that through euthanasia improving of quality of life will be achieved. I cannot possibly understand how can this be so.

Are we so narrow-minded? Does the life of disabled or terminally ill people worth less than ours. Is our life more meaningful than theirs? Is it because of these people that the quality of life is lowered or because of crime, corruption, selfishness and hatred. These are some questions that will help us rearrange our thoughts and help us judge with a clearer mind.Only then we will be able to see the incalculable value of life. Only then we’ll find strength and faith in our heart to fight together our problems, difficulties and overcome any obstacle we find in the path of life. Because the path is made smoother when traveled with someone on our side.

Death is only an excuse to turn away from our problems, and one must never, for whatever reason turn his back to life. To live is to have problems and to have problems helps to grow stronger and wiser.Yesterday is the past; tomorrow is the future today is a gift, that’s why it’s called “The Present”. So we must enjoy our life today in every way we find possible being grateful at the same time we received this “gift”.

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