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Problems and researchMy original problem was there are many ballet dresses that are not practical for performances; it needs to be easy to get into and out of, especially when there are quick changes. I chose this problem as I have first hand experience and knowledge of what a dance/ballet dress should have. It needs to be big bold and flowing to exaggerate the movement. My research was good but I feel that I could have asked more people how they would like the ballet dress to be. I also should did a survey just for people in the dance industries rather than just asking random people, this way I would have gained more knowledge at what dancer would like.

I did research on the internet and in magazines of what current ballet dresses consist of and the prices.I think I could have did more research and found a lot more ballet dresses at a cheaper price. I could have made it more aesthetically pleasing by making and adding an extra decretive technique in the middle such as applique, this would have made it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I feel that I used a lot of ICT such as the CAD CAM and I also used speed step but it didn’t print out. However I could have emailed questionnaires to people and got them to respond this would have given me a wider range of research; I then could have put all the information into a data base to see what thing were the most popular.

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IdeasI think that my ideas are good although I believe that my ideas could have been developed further and made clearer. I also believe that I could have written more about them. I ensure my ideas met my design specification by referring to the design criteria each time.

I took samples of each decretive and construction technique to see which was best suited for the product after I tested my ideas I chose the ones which were best suited to the dress I think I could have added more ideas to make my testing more tougher. I chose my final idea by doing a survey to which dress people would most and the needs it required. I thing that the final design I chose was a rash decision and I could of broaden my survey and got more peoples opinion.My manufacturing methods were appropriate although I was a little disappointed that all the seems were not the same I chose French seems and I was unable to have a French seem at the back as it had a zip in the product, I was also disappointed with the fabric that I chose because it was to plain, it was anything special about the dress fabric however I pleased with the material I choose for the sleeve this made the product look more special. In doing the product I used a lot of ICT, I tried using speed step on the computer but due to technical difficulties I was unable to print my designs. I also used ICT throughout the duration of making my product I used the internet to do my research I used Microsoft word to show my research I also used Microsoft excel to transfer my questionnaires into graphs to make the information easier to read. I also used CAD CAM to do my label.

I also used digital camera to take photos of my product. I also used many other forms of ICT such as GANNT chart to show the developing of my product, and flow charts for the production schedules, all these things helped and made easier the development of my product.ManufacturingOverall I think I chose a product that allowed me to show most of my skills, however from making the product I have now learnt and improved on my skill, so now I believe after having made the product I could defenestrate a lot more skills now then when I first made the product.

I believe that the product was challenging at the time I could now make something more complicated and demonstrate a higher level of skills. The skills that I demonstrated while making the dress was a zip at the back for quick and easy access during quick changes in performances.Sleeves which were flowing and in a fine material this was hard to sew as the material was flimsy. Sequins for a decretive technique, CAD CAM for the label, ribbon as a second decretive technique, I also used French seems as they had a clean finish and made the dress look more professional. If I was to do the product again I would use different material as I think Polly cotton is plain and boring not only that most things are made from cotton/ Polly cotton therefore it is no different from any other dress on the market. I wanted my dress to look different.

I found my production plan useful as I gave me a guide line, although I didn’t stick to it. I think someone else could have followed it quite easily with making little mistakes, although I think that I could have gone into more detail, which would have made it easier for the person to follow.EvaluationThroughout my work I can easily say that I justified most of my decisions fairly although I did make some rash decisions as deadline were drawing closer and a decision had to be made in order for me to meet the deadline, dead line were a bit difficult for me as I found it hard to stick to them. In making decision I asked people opinions t help me decide on what they thought was best.Economic considerationsMy product ended up costing £18.0 that includes the material the pattern, cotton, ribbons, pins, scissors, stitch ripper,ECT. I found this cost to be very reasonable, and I think the product could be carried out commercially, also at a reasonable cost. As my product would be used in the theatre it would be labour intensive as most things in the theatre/ stage are hand made.

The product is suitable for the theatre/ stage, parties, fancy dress, ballet; I think the product would be popular to those in the arts industries and also popular to young kids who like to dress up.Environment issuesTo ensure there was no wastage I put my pattern pieces at the very edge o the material and the left over material I used for samples decretive and constructive techniques. I also made a pin cushion with the left over material. I also tried to save energy by turning of the sewing machines and ions etc after each use

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