Evaluation of participation and responsible action

My name is Lawen Karim and in the summer of 2004 I indulged in some activities which would help my community. I was physically forced by my father to work in a mosque against my free will because my dad believed I lacked in religious morale. The background of my activities was not so simple as the local mosque was so ‘big’, it was planned that I had to stand outside and guide people into the entrance. They would take off their shoes and commence in their ‘Wudu’ this is washing before pray.

It had been planned that it I was in charge of guiding the men however my companion and friend whom is a female and my age guided the women. It was planned that after the wudu I would direct then to will the prayer would commence. I was put in charge of the day this was the mosques way of testing me. On the actual day, many different classes of men arrived all dressed differently so I guided them to the toilets so they can perform their ‘wudus’ after they took of their shoes. After the ‘wudu’ I guided them to the place of prayer.I directed them to the imam (leader of the prayer) which off course in the direction of Mecca. I felt it would be disrespectful to just watched them pray so I joined in it was very interesting to learn how to pray, in doing so I learnt some aspects of the Quran.

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After the Morning Prayer I had to prepare for the prayer at magrib prayer. It was the same routine planned guides the men to do their wudu then to the place of prayer. My role as leader was to motivate my companion (the one guiding the women).I directed her in what she had to do and how she had t do it.

I expect things to be done efficiently and my orders seemed to have a big impact on her. At first she was a little hesitant but with my excellent motivational skills she improved to an extent throughout the day. At first, in the Morning Prayer she misguided the women to the men’s toilets to perform wudu. However with a little help from me she performed her next task, at the magrib prayer effectively and much better than me. I believe the day was every successful; and everyone was happy.

However I was a little over confident in my own accomplishes and I did undermine my companion’s work as I boasted regularly about my plan which made her fell inferior. However there was this one little problem, which could have ruined the whole day and could have flooded the mosque but thanks to my and my companions ingenious skills we fixed it. What happen was that after the morning prayer a little child stuck a cork in the tap whilst it was running, this caused the pressure of the taps to build up in the tubes which eventually exploded.Water spurted all around the men’s toilets. Me being the group leader decided to tackle the issue by myself, even though I was offered help from my companion, but me being big headed, wanted to tackle the issue myself so I got a wrench and made an attempt to fix it. My father was a plumber and he showed me some tricks of the trade, but he only taught me how to fix small leaks and not big issues like this.

I applied the basics however it did not work. So I had to submit my principle ad let my companion join.I was shocked as in no time the tap was fixed ad it was all thanks to her ingenious thinking skills. I learnt and gained many things in this experience as this was by working as a team the tasks will be simplifies and very easy to accomplish. For example the tap problem if I were to let pride and principles get into my way the tap will still be gashing with water and I would have taken the blame and compensate the owners loss because I was in charge of the ask in hand.At the end of the day if it were not for my companion I would be penniless. I believed prejudice I was prejudice towards my companion just because she was a women. I felt bad because I did not allow my companion to contribute in many things and if it were not for her there would have been no one to guide the women.

I believe I did overestimate my work, just because I was group leader I believed I was more important than everyone else and that was not the case as by myself the day would have been an utter disaster.I could build on this experience in the near future. If I were do to something like that again I will organise a plan in which everyone has an equal amount of work which no prejudice. Plus will not overestimate my task and make my group workers inferior like I did. I want to create a pleasant atmosphere where every one can trust each other with their mistakes. So if I were to do something like this again I would reconsider my plan like this, as it will be more effective and more fun as friendships can be developed.

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