Ever affects their personality, thoughts and actions (Mayo Clinic).

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Ever felt extreme high and low emotions and thoughts for no particular reason or cause? Have you ever felt like no one understands how you think, even yourself? You’re not alone. There are millions around the world who also faces the same challenges and problems as you.Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that affects 2.6% of the adult American population and millions more around the world.

It causes a person to experience extreme moods, thoughts, and behavior in episodes called depression and mania (Young Men’s Health). Depression is an extreme low and a mania is an extreme high, and these episodes causes the person to act and think extremely different from their norm. These episodes affects their capability to accomplish tasks that they would normally be capable of doing, affects their personality, thoughts and actions (Mayo Clinic). The length of these episodes can vary from days to months and they don’t need to be triggered by events that occurs in their life (ReachOut).In the different episodes, the person will feel different emotions and crave for different things.

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In a depressive episode, the person will most probably show the following symptoms:Feeling hopeless, worthless and guiltyThoughts of death and suicideBoredomChange in appetite and sleeping patternsChange in weightPoor concentrationLoss of energyLoss of interest in hobbies and activities (ReachOut)In contrast, a person who is experiencing a mania will most probably show these symptoms:Unrealistically high self-esteemRacing thoughtsTake part in high-risk behaviorIrritated and agitatedEasily distractedReduced need of sleepIncreased energyIncreased social interactionsIncrease sexual activity (ReachOut)Physiologically, bipolar disorder is abnormalities in brain circuits, importantly the reward circuit, as well as abnormal volumes of matter, both grey and white matter, as well as abnormal activity in the ventral prefrontal cortex as well as many other core parts of the brain. There are also many other key features of a bipolar disorder patient’s brain, but due to complexity and task restrainments, they will not be further investigated here (Wikipedia). Do you ever question what is bipolar disorder? What causes and triggers bipolar disorder? What does bipolar disorder do to a person? How to help and assist someone with bipolar disorder?Bipolar disorder is a mental disease that affects relatively 2.

6% of the adult American population and it causes a person to experience extreme moods, thoughts and behavior in episodes called depression and mania (Young Men’s Health). Depression (depressive episode) is an extreme low whereas a mania (manic episode) is an extreme high. In these episodes, the person’s actions and thoughts are extremely different from the norm and may have affect on their well-being as well as their capability to complete tasks. This doesn’t necessarily mean that episodes have to correspond to the events in their life. Furthermore, the lengths of the episodes can vary. Some episodes can last for days while others for months (ReachOut).

Though, this doesn’t mean a bipolar person is always experiencing depression or a mania. A common misconception of bipolar people is that they are always either experiencing a manic episode or a depressive episode. Many can go through a stage where they seem normal, and this stage, like their episodes can vary in length of time (Mayo Clinic).There are multiple methods to help someone with bipolarism. The most obvious and important method is to educate yourself on how to act when someone who has bipolar disorder is experiencing a episode.

You could also help by persuading them to go to cognitive behavior and family therapy, which could help to reduce the severity and duration the episodes. This same result can come from certain medication (Young Men’s Health).Bipolarism, the disorder that causes a person’s life to be like a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings.

Though it is extremely complicated, hopefully this report has been able to expose more facts about the disorder to you and help make you more knowledgeable about the subject.

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