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every time to use features of Frugalhealthcare system.3.1             SoftwareInterfacesThe Frugalhealthcare system app will be developed under the Android operating systemsusing IDE Android studio using Java programming language with support of  JDK (Java Development Kit) and the AndroidSDK (software development kit) tools, and Frugal healthcare system web app willbe developed under PHP 7.

0 and Frugal healthcare system database will bedeveloped in MySQL. Frugal healthcare system server will also be created inPHP.3.

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3.1                Incomingand outgoing item·        All outgoing data which consist of patient,or doctor registration information, their login details, their search andappointment requests will be sent by users to server. ·        All incoming data which consist of allquery results from server to patient, doctor, 3.3.2                Servicesand Communications·        All Information will be transferred throughserver, android app and web app using TCP/IP and the HTTP protocol.Communication will occur whenever patient, guest, doctor, pharmacist and labreceptionist will registers, search, view history, view appointments, make anappointment etc.

Mobile and web application will notify server when itsuccessfully receives an update, also when server receives any update and datait will also notify to user through web or mobile app.3.2             Communications InterfacesThe Frugal healthcaresystem web and mobile app will have a server that is web-based and createdusing the PHP 7.0.

The server is used to store, retrieve all the informationrelated to doctor, patient, pharmacies, labs and appointments from Frugalhealthcare system database. All Information will be transferred through server,android app and web app using TCP/IP and the HTTP protocol.   5.1Performance RequirementsPerformance will not be an issue. Asfrugal healthcare system provide connection between doctors and patients, itwill perform very efficiently all the time. If the system is unresponsivecustomers will be lost. Changing screens will require very little computationand thus will occur very quickly.

Patient will find doctor easily as searchingprocess will be very fast. Responsetime will be no more than 2 sec. 5.2 Safety RequirementsFrugalhealthcare SYSTEM will not harm anything.

All other things on Phone or Computerrun efficiently as it can’teffect anything.  It cannot causeany damage to the System orits internal components.5.

3 Security RequirementsFrugal healthcare system will possiblybe handling sensitive medical/personal data so security is the utmost concern.Being able to prove to customers that the system is very secure will beessential for the future success of appointment. Doctor has to provide their PDMC No to registerhim/herself. His/her registration will be on valid PMDC No.

To get anappointment, Patient has toregister themselves by providing their mobile phone no. Patient medicalrecord will keep confidential between doctor and patient. Guest user has not to registerhim/herself, he can only search and get details of the doctors.

5.4 Software Quality AttributesUsabilityGraphical user interface of frugal healthcare systemis designed with usability as first priority. It will be easy to understand and use. Thepresentation of the web pages should be made friendly be provided the userswith on-the-spot instructions concerning the step they are. In case of errors,help links should be provided or instructions for correct use.

An HTML online documentation shouldbe available and accessible to the users on all pages and steps of system usage.AvailabilityTo ensure availability,system has to be available at all times. In terms of scalability, the systemshall be designed so that is can easily be scaled to increase performance(response time). This means that the various tiers can be running on different processorson the same or different physical machines. This also means that the system shall be designed so thatmany instances of components can be running concurrently.ReliabilityIn terms ofReliability, the system shall be designed so that it can be completelyreliable. The system’sdatabase should handle the maximum number of users (50) without failure.

If the user entered invalid data, the system should be able to recover andreact robustly with the error, by sending a message back to the user. The system’sbackup plan should support the protection of the DB data and assure thefunctioning of the system after recovery of a crash.5.5 Business RulesAbusiness rule is anything that captures and implements business policies andpractices. A rule can enforce business policy, make a decision, or infer newdata from existing data. This include rules and regulations that the systemusers should abide by.

Thisinclude cost of the project and discount offers provided. The users shouldavoid illegal rules and protocols. Users should not cross the rules andregulations.          

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