Every having to support themselves and their children

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Last updated: May 12, 2019

Every day the rights of Syrian refugee womenare being violated all around the world. “Sexual and gender based violence anda lack of access to proper health care are two of the largest problems womenface, but the issue of women’s rights and the ability of organizations toprotect women and girls is a complex issue” (HarvardModel United Nations A Background Guide for the United Nations HighCommissioner for Refugees, 2017, harvardmun.org/assets/pdfs/guides/UNHCR.

pdf(harvardmun.org/assets/pfds/guides/UNHCR.pdf)). It is a complex situation to solve, butthe country of Argentina believes it is an important issue to solve. Millionsof women are being treated poorly in so many different, terrible ways. “Risinglevels of child marriages, sexual assault, prostitution, violence againstwomen, coupled with the lack of opportunity for many women to work or makemoney makes the plight of refugee women a pressing problem” (Harvard Model United Nations A Background Guide for theUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, 2017,harvardmun.

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All of these reasons and more are reasonswhy this issue needs to be solved. Along with the constant violence threateningSyrian women, their lifestyles are constantly changing as well. Typically,Syrian women are put in charge of looking after the children and taking care ofthe household. Additionally, most Syrian men leave their families to eitherfight in the war or seek a safer place to live during it. The women are nowleft with the task of having to support themselves and their children all ontheir own. They have never had to work or procure income before, but now theyare tasked with being in charge of everything, essentially.

The alreadyterrible situation these women are in only continues to get worse as they arenow the sole provider for themselves and their children. The country of Argentina regularly witnessesacts of violence towards women. According to the United Nations HighCommissioner for Refugees, “four out of every ten women suffer emotional,physical or sexual abuse, and some 6,000 claims of sexual violence are filedwith the police annually” (UNHCR). Argentina finds these statistics to beappalling and hopes to end violence towards women refugees. Argentina has passedlaws to ensure that women who experience violence receive appropriatepsychological care and support. Under this new refugee law the national refugeecommittee is, “charged with observing UNHCR’s guidelines on protection ofrefugee women and sexual and gender-based violence” (UNHCR).

With the help ofthe program led by the UNHCR they offer refugees protection, food, security,education, health and nutrition, basic needs, and shelter. UNHCR combinessexual and gender based violence along with protecting children from earlymarriages together to solve the problem of sexual and gender based violence.UNHCR also has initiatives to help victims as well as to educate people onsexual and gender based violence. Community centers and organized meetings givethese women a place to come together and receive help if needed.Argentinaproposes to continue to work with UNHCR to protect the rights of Syrian refugeewomen. UNHCR is doing a great job providing protection, food, security,education, health and nutrition, basic needs, and shelter to the refugees inArgentina. However, it is also important that Argentina focuses on education.

“Blue Rose Compass announced that it will facilitate the universityscholarships of 1,000 Syrian refugee young girls and women — ages 18 to 34 —over the next five years in Argentina, its CEO and founder Lorna Solis said atthe World Economic Forum on Latin America in Buenos Aires” (Devex). Argentinaand NGOs like Blue Rose Compass need to continue to focus on providing educationto the Syrian refugee young girls and women. Education is a way for Syrianwomen who are living in poverty to escape their current situation and have achance at a better life.

Educating women will make it easier for them to getwell paying jobs. Continuing working with UNHCR and focusing on education willhelp protect the human rights of Syrian refugee girls and women.

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