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Last updated: September 7, 2019

Every single time you view an ad for a specific kind of medicine on TV, you’re seeing a consumer medicine. They can either be prescription drugs or over-the-counter medicines. Whenever the company advertises, it has to contain who the drug is approved for, who should not take it, how to take it and important side effects to be aware of. The USA and New Zealand are the only countries where you may see consume medicines. There are many benefits to this industry, yet it comes with several ethical and legal complications that come with it.

Nevertheless, it is always produced in a way that would ensure it is the best and safest of it’s kind to all viewers. Consumer medicines are being increasingly advertised nowadays, and they actually contain several pros to it. It hands the people many educational opportunities, allowing them to discover new types of drugs. The images of an advertisement can be quite persuading to the eye, encouraging them to contact their health professionals in order to seek advice or to have questions answered. Majority of adults, for reasons, fear visiting their doctor. The ads tend to placate those people. Nowadays, as the average citizen views an ad, it brings them to the understanding of certain, unnatural symptoms they could be experiencing.

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In fact, 88% of people who questioned some of their body conditions were given treatment by the drug they saw on TV. A very important factor to keep in mind, is that whenever a company makes revenue from the medicines they advertise and sell, they could possibly invest more in research for inventing life-changing drugs. As one can tell, there are many advantages to consumer medicines.Yet, with the pros come the cons. There is a negative side to this sort of concept. As useful as they are, ads tend to be quite misleading and may give the wrong impression to the viewers. The cost of drugs skyrocket, to more than 30-80% the average price of a generic drug when the latter is just as or more effective than the advertised one.

It pulls money out of the pockets of those who truly need the treatment. To make matters worse, 69% of certified doctors agree that majority of drugs that are put in the market aren’t checked for safety regulations. As we continuously see them on TV, they subconsciously encourage us to go out and buy drugs for whatever kind of ‘new’ sickness they’ve invented. One more concept that should be explained is Big Pharma. It’s a nasty nickname given to the pharmaceutical industry, which has caused plenty of harm to consumers. Like the points above, the companies a part of this industry inflate their prices in order to cover the advertising cost. Even worse, they can produce the drugs in cheap countries, then sell them in places like the USA. There are more overdosing deaths for prescription and pain meds than heroin and street drugs in the US alone since 2010.

As ads are presented to an audience, they often target the wrong people which in turn causes those viewers to be convinced their body is in need of medications. It has been debated whether or not consumer medicines should be legal, since the only countries in the world that allow them are the USA and New Zealand. Even the World Health Organization has vowed to forever ban the advertisement of consumer medicines. You doctor most likely knows your body better than you, considering how they’ve had years of training in that field and had several patients before. Advertisement may be beneficial at first, but they can be very misleading.

It’ll take the money out your wallet, but possible fund a groundbreaking drug research. Yet, is it still ethical to have consumer medicines?

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