Every with facts and proofs. His focus was

Every society is based on a hierarchical
system; there are people who are more powerful than others.  Nietzsche tries to explain the same kind of
social order in his Beyond good and evil. He points out that there is
biasness in the way people are treated based on their power and position. He
believes good man is not the exact opposite of an evil man rather it’s their
morality that differs them. In comparison to Nietzsche’s views Martin Luther
king talks about equality and morality. In his Letter from Birmingham jail
he discusses about the tyranny of the so called white Americans over his fellow
African Americans and the oppression they had to face.

Nietzche explains that other philosophers
might be basing their materials on their own characteristics instead of rising
above their own personal agenda and focusing on proper meaning and values. He
believes every society consists of people who are weak and vulnerable and
people who are strong and powerful. The ones with power use the weaklings to
rise. The masters backup their intellect with the brute force of the less
intelligent and use it to take control over them. He has presented many
examples to support these claims. Nietzche also explains that people from different
nationalities carry certain traits and qualities with them. However, he
strongly disbelieves in antisemitism and prosecution based on race or religion.

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Dr. Martin Luther king Jr, was imprisoned
while he wrote Letter from Birmingham
jail. He was incarcerated for leading a peaceful protest to shed light on
racial segregation at that time. His composition focuses mainly on the
discrimination against the black community. In his writing he responds to those
who said he didn’t belong there. He tries to pursue them in a peaceful manner
that he has every right to be there as his white counterparts. He contrasts
those who said his rally was violent and outlandish with facts and proofs. His
focus was to bring harmony between all races through his writing which is why Letter from Birmingham jail was targeted
for national audience. He proves his level of intellect and displays the power
of his words through this article. He believes just laws are to be followed but
blindly following unjust laws could be disastrous because they provide false
sense of superiority.

Both Nietzche and King provide strong and
valid points to support their claims. They both have abundance of interesting
ideas and examples. But in my opinion Kings arguments are more in line with the
reality. He pours his emotion in his writing. He brought in a wave of change
from his article. The number of protests and movements increased after his
article was released. His aim was to spread positivity without any hate. His
composition screams against discrimination. He doesn’t believe color of skin
should be the factor to differentiate people. In his Beyond good and evil Nietzche does support his arguments with facts
and logic. And I do think what he tries to explain factors in with what king is
trying to explain in his letter. Because I think racism exists because of
people with superior morality who believe people of color to be of slave
morality. And it is a sad reality that racism still exists. Maybe there is more
we can learn from king and what he was trying to advocate through his writing
about eradicating discrimination and moving towards equality.






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