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Every person who can read, write and solve some fundamental mathematical problem passes through a teacher at some point. Teachers lay a foundation for the children, give them the direction and help them choose their careers. However, most Americans presume that teachers are already highly paid. A recent poll on social media has it that 60 percent of the population is against the move to increase the teachers’ payment. This section of individuals argues that teachers, unlike another profession, are guaranteed a three month paid leave. When school closes, teachers are free and can venture into other activities to generate extra income.

 The reason may not be plausible enough. More substantial reasons such as the duties teachers play on the future of kids, motivation, and the change in the economic or financial pattern need to be put into consideration before making a conclusion. Even though a great population is against raising teachers’ salary; teachers deserve a higher pay because of the nature of the work they do, they spend more time in classroom than anticipated, most of them are unable to meet basic family basic needs, they do more than teaching, their remunerations have been declining steadily, they work extra hours without allowances, and it motivates and attracts new talents and passionate people to the profession.Most teachers are unable to meet their basic needs.

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The current salary is too little to sustain a teacher with a family. Most teachers have to work part-time during the night and weekends to make ends meet. They feel exhausted and run down, but they have no option but take part in extra activities to provide for the family (Strauss 1). In the current economy, more than 60 percent of teachers are looking for second jobs. It is not because they love it, but it is because the payment for their teaching service is not enough (Strauss 1). It has also been noted that most teachers purchase supplies for their students out of their own money. They should be compensated for the educational expenses out of their pockets. Having teachers working nights and weekends challenges the quality of education.

They end up paying less attention to teaching standards and principles. They may not work by the lesson plans. Teachers should not have a second job.

They should struggle less economically to allow them to focus on their essential task in and outside the classroom.Teachers do more than just teaching. They teach, inspire, mentor, and look after the students (Crosby 338). They should be compensated for the extra work they do. Teachers not only show students how to read, write, and solve mathematical problems.

They do much more. Teachers shape behaviors of the young ones. In the current world, children spend more time with teachers than any other person including their parents.

Their way of acting and approach towards life highly depends on teachers. Teacher offer advises and directions to the students on how to be not only reasonable adults but responsible people in the society who are ready to defend the wellbeing of others (Crosby 340). Teachers educate students on what is right and wrong, acceptable and not acceptable. They shape the morality in the community.

They ensure that ethical standards and principles are adhered to by the growing generation. Teachers develop the society by promoting core values such as honesty, obedience, selfless, and compassionate. They nurture talents, mentor children, and help learners choose their future careers. Teachers evaluate students on different aspects to help them select professions that best suit them. For instance, a student with interest in becoming a professional counselor has to be examined on aspects such as personality, cultural competency, and ability to hide personal perception about a phenomenon. To help such students, teachers go an extra mile beyond their professions to determine necessities to success in different careers.Increased salaries for teachers motivate people in the profession. Motivational theories argue that employees’ performance is determined by the level of motivation.

Unmotivated workers will always have little output of poor quality (Korthagen 81). The same theories hold that financial read is the primary way to motivate employees. Current low payment to teachers as compared to other profession demotivates teachers. As a result, the outcome of educational programs is also compromised. Low pay to teachers reduces the quality of education. Teachers are not doing their best as they feel the amount given to them in return for their services is not worth. Teaching has been linked to poverty (Beijaard 110). It discourages the upcoming generation from venturing into this career.

Quality teachers are walking away from the profession because of low pay. Low payment would mean that no teachers in future (Korthagen 87). It has come clear among many people that teachers are being underpaid. No person would like to pursue a profession where he or she will be both undervalued and underpaid. In recent time, many teachers have quit the job and pursued other careers. Teachers work as they look for better opportunities around them that can pay them higher amounts of money. The moment such chances come their way, they leave teaching.

The main reason for leaving is little wages.  The gospel has been spread across the country. Many people joining colleges and universities no longer want to pursue teaching as their profession. Students at higher learning institutions see the payment to teachers as a way of undervaluing education. As a result, they opt out even before they start. The comparison between teachers and people of same educational backgrounds in other fields shows that the amount paid to a teacher is almost half of what is paid to their counterparts in different careers (Crosby 342). If the trend continues, the country will not have enough teachers in the future.

The few who will be available will be less passionate.A salary increase attracts new talents and passionate people to the teaching profession (Beijaard 119). Many students looking forward to joining higher learning institutions consider teaching as their last option.

It is no longer about passion, but financial benefits obtained from a particular profession. Most passionate people about teaching have turned down the offer because of salaries.  They have ended up in different fields that compensate them highly.

Many teachers receive rewards and high recognition in the field but are forced to rethink their careers for financial reasons. (Strauss 1) Gives an example of a teacher in North Carolina whole left teaching for another job in Maryland to earn more to support her family. According to The National Education Association (NEA), low teachers pay is costly. The association estimates that close to 50 percent of new teachers quit the career during the first five years of teaching. It adds that more than 37 percent of teachers do not stay in the profession till retirement (Strauss 1). A survey conducted by NEA has it that low pay is the reason given by many individuals when leaving.

Salaries for teachers have been continuously declining. The study by McKinsey titled “Closing the Talent Gap” indicates that salaries for teachers have decreased for the past forty years. The research shows that in the past decade, teachers’ salaries have reduced in more than 30 states (Strauss 1).

Classroom spending has been increasing. The economy is growing with increased purchasing power. Cutting salaries do no good.

It has just made the life of teachers harder. Considering the changes in the economic environment, there is a substantial need to raise teachers’ remunerations. The amount could have been enough ten years ago, but things have changed, prices of commodities have increased. The same amount cannot buy items of same quantity and quality as it used to be some years back. Teacher long-term struggles should be brought to an end through a significant salary increment.Teachers deserve a higher salary because they work beyond their normal working hours (Korthagen 93).

They carry their work home. They spend a lot of time designing and formulating lesson plans to engage all students. They have to spend their time out of school to mark student’s tests, exams, and assignment.  Most teachers accomplish such tasks overnight to ensure that the lessons run smoothly.

They have to grade assignments, quizzes, and exams. Since they lack enough time while at school to accomplish all these tasks, they carry work to their homes.  The act is very different from other professions where employees are either paid on an hourly or daily basis.

Those paid on daily basis like teachers work for a maximum of eight hours. Unlike teachers, people in other professions do not carry their work home. They do them while at the workplace. Any duties and responsibilities done beyond regular working hours attract an overtime allowances. If people in other careers earn for over time, why not teachers. They also deserve better as they work beyond the stipulated working time.

The comparison between the average salaries for teachers and their total working hours reveal that teachers are indeed underpaid (Beijaard 114). If teachers are paid on hourly basis like in production and manufacturing industries, they will end up making more money as compared to what they are currently paid.Teachers make an enormous impact on the whole society. They influence student’s life on a daily basis.

They make the world a better place to live by instilling desirable behaviors in the upcoming generation. Teacher shape the society socially, economically, and even technologically (Crosby 355). They motivate students to do better. As a result, students come up with new ideas, discoveries, innovations, and alternative solutions to the existing problems. Even the better part of the population, if not all that is opposing salary increment for teachers passed through their hands. They are other careers courtesy of the teachers at primary and secondary levels.

 They inspire and encourage students (Crosby 338). Although one may argue that it is part of their job, but they should be compensated for that. Business and healthcare organizations charge lots of money for consultation services. An extra pay for such services provided by teachers will do good for them. They need to be acknowledged for the excellent job and outcome to the society. Crime levels have declined because of teachers. They teach students to abide by the law and lead a more peaceful life.

Low payment to teachers devalues education (Korthagen 80). It is clear that education is a stepping stone in most economies. The government needs to consider education before other aspects.

Even the matters of health and security which are among the highly prioritized issues should come after education. Educated people lead a healthier lifestyle. Similarly, educated people with a clear profession would probably abide by the law. Through education other environmental aspects are solved.

The facilitators of education therefore need to be paid handsomely. The reason for increase economic growth in developed countries is linked to education. Underpaying teachers is an indication that the nations are not giving education a first-hand priority.In conclusion, teachers keep the world going.

They make the future of the country. Most jobs require knowledge and skills learned in school. It is not all about formal education. Even informal education is nowadays carried out by teachers. Skills, such as interpersonal, communication and values like respect and honesty are enhanced by teachers. Teaching is the founder or mother of other professions.

Doctors, lawyers, nurses, and other professionals go through education at a lower level before attaining their higher status. Even sports people including athletes and football are inspired by their primary teachers. Upon discovering their talents, teachers nurtures and encourages them to exploit their possibilities. Teachers play a critical role in shaping the future of the nations. How they behave and act while at school has a significant effect on the students. The current payroll and the struggle teachers are going through makes it clear that teacher is underpaid.

Low pay leads to financial distress. The condition is more likely to have an adverse impact on the students.  For the sake of a better future and the quality of education, teachers’ salaries should be raised.

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