Everybody to understand the cultural awareness, first we

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Last updated: March 23, 2019

Everybody in this world is different. Forinstance, I am different; there is no one that looks like me in this world.However, we people have something in common. Right?  Yes, we do share something.

Like we all are humanbeings, we breath oxygen, we drink water, and we eat food. Even though we areall human beings, we all are divers. Perhaps, in this topic I am going to talkabout the cultural awareness. Firstly, in order to understand thecultural awareness, first we have to know what a culture is.  A culture is something that combine and collaborateone society.  For example, food, cloths,music, even celebrations, diction and parlance. If one person grow up in onesociety, he/she learn that culture. Therefore, he/she knows how to behave, eat,cloth etc.

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like that society. In the earth, there are many cultures. Cultureattracts people. That was in this for like 100 years, form one generation toanother generation. Nn n  A culturalawareness means simply how many different culture you can understand. How youcan understand that people are different and have different custom and habits.Because of globalization, our world have being uefyhru.

It helps us to understandone culture better, and easily.  Socultural awareness is something that creates to us an experience, community of differentcultures.   Nevertheless,how can we play a positive role in someone’s life, and what does it takes: itis not always easy to make a positive role.

Our diversity plays positive andnegative. When we say cultural diversity, we have to know, it exists manynegative things every day in our life. Also it is our meed to make it better. Wecan play positive role by understanding, accepting and enjoying ourdifference.  By making our world safe.For example, I am unique so do others also.

In addition, we can play positiverole by accepting who they are, not judging by their appearance, gender andculture.  Is it possible for ordary people to make a difference?What could be same reasons for conflicts inthe world? Ultimately, Cultural awareness becomes centralwhen we have to interact with people from other cultures. People see, interpretand evaluate things in a different ways

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