Evolution of Australian Biota Essay

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1. Construct a timeline that identifies the cardinal events in the formation of Australia as an island continent from its beginnings as portion of Gondwana: Mya = million old ages ago scale=1 cm:10 Mya2. Exemplify the way of motion and place of continents over clip by building a series of diagrams of the continents that formed from Gondwana. For each set of diagrams include how many 1000000s of old ages ago each place occurred: Mio = million3. Describe grounds of the altering environmental conditions on the Australian continent as a consequence of this motion.

Triassic period ( 200-250mya ) : During this period Australia was connected to the other states that make up Gondwana and as a consequence they all shared similar climes. Australia was near the equator so it was hot and dry with infrequent rains. Some parts of Australia were flooded as sea H2O degrees increased because of the absence of polar ice caps. Jurassic period ( 200-145mya ) : During this period Australia was floating South of the equator and had a warm and wet clime which had cooled down as a consequence of floating off from the equator and made manner for works life to boom. The dry fields of the North and West now accrued shale.

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limestone and sedimentary stones due to a lessening in Australia’s temperature.Cretaceous period ( 144-65mya ) : During this period Australia separated from Gondwana but was still attached to Antarctica and was floating south quickly. North Australia experienced warm conditions and South Australia experienced cool conditions. Tasmania became covered by H2O due to sea degrees lifting and ice caps formed in Antarctica. Evidence of this can be found through the C dating of ice caps that can be dated back to the cretaceous period.

Quaternate period ( 2. 5mya-present ) : During this period Australia is isolated from other continents and has a hot and dry clime which renders most of cardinal Australia uninhabitable. Northern Australia now has formed mountains as a consequence of tectonic home base hit and is floating due norths easy.4. Choose an nonextant Australian animate being or works from the dodo record. For your chosen dodo: * Indicate where the dodo was found* Explain how changing environmental conditions may hold led to its extinction Nimbadon: A Nimbadon was a big prehistoric tree brooding pouched mammal.

which is said to be an ancient relation of the modern twenty-four hours wombat. The Nimbadon lived in the rain forest canopies of Australia in groups. The Nimbadon was portion of a big works eating marsupial group that were referred to as diprotodontoids and was one of the most dominant works eating groups of the clip it lived which is said to be about 15 million old ages ago in the in-between Miocene era period.Nimbadon dodos were found at Riversleigh in the Northwest of Queensland inside a cave name AL90. Riversleigh is a universe heritage site and is a common topographic point that many other types of dodos are besides found. It is said that nimbadons became nonextant about 12 million old ages ago as a consequence of clime alteration which resulted in losingss of home ground for the nimbadons. Around 12 million old ages ago Australia was floating north and this motion off from Antarctica and the South Pole resulted in drying of the Australian clime. Extinction for the nimbadons came as a consequence of loss of home ground and alterations in Australian flora which was due to the drying Australian clime.

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