Exam 2 Poem Descriptions

Ezra Pound “In a Station of the Metro”
He’s saying that people come and go in this station just like things in life.

Things are temporary and it’s only a matter of time before everything is gone.

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Archibald MacLeish “Ars Poetica”
He is saying that a poem should be natural and not forced. You shouldn’t overthink it, just go with the flow.

Billy Collins “Introduction to Poetry”
Asks his students to read a poem, and dig deep into it and find the actual meaning and really analyze it. But instead we just overthink it and try to just guess what it means instead of digging and finding out more.

Marianne Moore “Poetry”
We don’t appreciate what we cannot understand and that’s why some people don’t appreciate poems. But when we do finally understand them, great things can happen and they too can become poets.

Judith Cofer “The Latin Deli: An Ars Poetica”

Julia Alvarez “Poetry Makes Nothing Happen”
All of these events in people’s lives didn’t happen because of poetry but poetry helped them make it through that event.

It supported them and gave in to exactly what they were feeling at that time.

Christopher Marlowe “The Passionate Shepherd to his Nymph”
Appeals to both the nature life and the life he really lives. He wants to attract this woman and he wants to woe her by saying they could have no love that’s deeper than all the mountains, valleys, etc. but he is trying to impress her by saying that he’ll give her all of these things.

Sir Walter Raleigh “The Nymph’s Reply”
Basically the woman said that all of these things are great but she doesn’t want them because can you really be in love and have all of those things? She doesn’t want something that is so materialistically based.

William Wordsworth “The World is too Much With Us”

John Keats “To Autumn”
Everything is turning to Autumn and this poem describes that things are turning subtle and cold. In the end, he discusses that Spring is just like autumn, it is the end of a harsher season and is switching to a calmer one.

Gerard Hopkins “God’s Grandeur”
He’s saying that trade isn’t a good thing because people are selfish and they only care about the money they are investing. Also, that we don’t appreciate what God has given us, we take it all for granted. There are things here on Earth that we don’t appreciate, and Earth is a temple. But it’s okay that we humans have messed it up because the Holy Ghost will fix it, and as much as we destroy it nature will still remain.

William Yeats “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”
He’s imagining this lake that he wants to be at.

Wants to be alone to relax.

Robert Hayden “Those Winter Sundays”
No one appreciated what the boy’s father did during the week to provide for his family. His father did this everyday. There’s a lot of enjambment and underlying feelings in this poem. His father had a slight hatred for the family because he felt unappreciated.

Elizabeth Bishop “The Fish”
After the fisher person sees the fish, she realizes how tough it must be and how much it fought to actually stay in the water with it’s 5 fish hooks hanging from it’s mouth. After there’s the oil spillage on the boat, it creates a rainbow and the fisher becomes overjoyed decides to let the fish go.

Maxine Kumin “Woodchucks”

Rita Dove “The House Slave”
This house slave feels guilty for the slaves that are outside while she’s a proper slave and lives in the house. Her master dreams of asses (butts, donkeys or livestock, his assets, slaves, and sex), rum and slave-funk. She feels like she doesn’t really deserve what she has.

Allen Ginsberg “Supermarket in California”
He is thinking of Walt Whitman and he loves him.

He is strolling through the grocery store with him, watching him and observing his every move. He’s also talking to an imaginary Walt Whitman and gets into a deep conversation with him.

Paul Lawrence Dunbar “Song of Summer”
Lazy sunday after church and he just wants to be left alone. Reinforces bigetry and stereotypes. He’s giving in to the african american stereotype in this poem.

Sylvia Plath “Lady Lazarus”
Deep poem about a girl that doesn’t want to be here. She has tried to commit suicide every ten years.

She has daddy issues and thinks of her life as a waste.

Robert Frost “After Apple-Picking”
He remembers the strange vision he had that morning when he looked at a bunch of grass through a sheet of ice he removed from a drinking trough. It looked like the world was melting, and then he dropped the piece of ice. He may or may not be falling asleep as he has these thoughts. He also thinks about the many apples that go to the waste pile to make cider.

He also thinks about the apples falling down and how he’s going to dream of apples. He wonders if it will be a deep sleep like hibernation, or just a normal night’s rest.

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