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Describe the Harappan civilization
It was a collection of over fifteen hundred towns and cities

The aryans
dominated ancient India after their arrival from the north

Which groups did the indian term dharma refer to?
all inhabitants of India, of all classes

Chandragupta Maurya
feared assassination and had secret police

During the Mauryan Dynasty..
The government extensively regulated economic activities

Women in ancient India..
were in theory required to throw themselves upon their dead husbands’ funeral pyre

changed his personal values and governmental policies after becoming a buddhist

A key difference between hinduism and buddhism was that buddhism..
was simpler, as it rejected the numerous hindu gods

Gautama said that the way to avoid suffering was to end desire by..
following the “middle path”

“The Rule of the Fishes” refers to…
view that warfare is glorious and was the primary activity of kings and aristocrats

The purpose of redas was to provide..
hymns and ritual sacrifices to tribal Aryan religious ceremonies

The mahabarata..
provides an elaborate discussion of the ethics of dharma

ultimately became a place of devotion

The most enduring achievement of Indian science and mathematics was..
the discovery of the so-called “Arabic” number system that are still used today

Ancient Indian scientific activities..
Included the development of the idea that the earth was a sphere

The beginnings of civilization in China were…
possibly first experienced under the Xia dynasty

Shang government..
The king was viewed as an intermediary between heaven and earth

Ancient Chinese villages were organized on the basis of..

In ancient china, aristocrats..
often served as government officials in peace and war

The idea of the Mandate of Heaven was..
Introduced by the Zhou dynasty and it served to legitimize its power

The “well field system”…
allowed peasants plot their own to work, as well as working the lands of their lords

In early China, it was believed that the universe was divided between two primary forces.
the sun as the yang and the moon as the yin

For Confucius, the main thing to concentrate on was the..
nature of the real aspects of daily living

Confucius believed that a primary basis for granting the right to participate in government should be…

A core belief in the need to force people to behave properly through the use of restrictive regulations was the foundation of the philosophy of..

What types of people would have been most likely to prefer the philosophy of Daoism?
Those who liked an individualized approach to life that advocated a natural way of going along with the flow of events

The Qin dynasty..
carried out public book burnings

The principle of filial piety..
made the needs and desires of patriarchal family heads the family’s central concerns

The terra-cotta figures near the Qin First Emperor’s burial mound demonstrate..
huge expenditures that were devoted to afterlife preparation for the monarch

Ancient Chinese literature served the purposes..
Inculcating morality and political instruction

In the aftermath of Columbus and voyages of encounter, Europeans believed the first humans in the Americas might have been…
Phoenician seafarers from Carthage

The Olmec peoples..
developed a system of hieroglyphics

It met its demise due to unexplained reasons

The chinampas..
were agricultural plots built on swampy islands

The sacred ball court..
had life or death implications for those who played upon it

In which areas were the mayan and aztec civilizations similar..
They both practiced human sacrifice

Aztec empire..
It was a confederation in which a central ruler controlled an empire developed through military conquest

What was the purpose of the human sacrifices practiced by the aztecs?
To appease Huitzilopochtli, and thus delay the ultimate destruction of their world

The reason for the decline of Mayan civilization was..
probably the result of multiple causes

The Moche culture
may have been ended by environmental changes

The civilization of the Inka
constructed an impressive system of roads and bridges throughout its extensive domain

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