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how many books are in the Old Testament

in which language is qaneh the word for Canon?

which is not a test for canonicity?
understand the remote context

at which Council was the Old Testament canon confirmed?
Council of Jamnia

in the English arrangement of the OT canon, judges is placed in a classification of

in the English arrangement of the OT Canon job and Proverbs are classified as
poetry and wisdom

Plenary verbal inspiration theory holds that God’s inspiration includes all

Which theory of inspiration provides us with assurance that the Bible is both trustworthy and authoritative?
Verbal Plenary inspirtation

To whom can we attribute primary responsibility for the transmission of the Bible?

What were the scribes called who preserved the Old Testament text?Masoeretes

In order to be certain that they had copied the OT manuscripts accurately, the Masoretes
counted all the letters in the manuscript

All of the Old Testament text was written in Hebrew except for a few portions written in

The term used for the study of biblical interpretation is

The immediate context of a passage is found in the
verses closest to the words studied

Which genre of biblical literature is known for telling a story?

What term is used to indicate that God became man?

The southern boundary of the ancient Near East is the
Med. Sea

How many geographical subregions make up the ancient Near East?

Which country is not in the land of ancient Mesopotamia?
Saudi Arabia

Cuneiform writing is likely to be found on
Stone, papyrus, clay tablets

What is the dominant geographic feature of Egypt?
Nile River

For which group of people was the pharaoh the “god-king”?

What was the primary role of Syria-Palestine?
served as a land bridge

Which international route followed the coastline?
Via Maris

In which period was writing discovered?
Early Bronze Age

Abram was a patriarch during the
Middle Bronze Age

At what place did God establish a covenant with Abraham?

What was Egypt’s method for controlling the Israeli population?
killing new born males

It is most likely that the exodus took place during the
Late Bronze Age

Who were the “Sea Peoples” who settled on the southwest coastal plain of Syria-Palestine?
The Philistines

Who first had a military advantage because of metal weaponry?

Meaning of Greek word teuchos?

Jewish word for first five books of Old Testament?

Most appropriate descriptive “subtitle” for the Book of Genesis?

What is the problem of Genesis 1-11?
Fall of man

Which man and his family is the focus of Genesis 12-50?

What problem is presented at the beginning of Exodus?
Israelites in slavery

“Exodus” means?

What role does the exodus play in Israelite history & theology?
best example of God’s grace and power

When focusing on God’s power, the New Testament equivalent of the exodus would be what?
the cross

In the Old Testament a binding relationship is called?
a covanent

What does the book of Leviticus seek to accomplish?

Which book details the elaborate preparations for leaving Mount Sinai?

What are the overarching themes of the Pentateuch?
Sovereignty of God, History, Fallen Condition of Humanity, Salvation, Holiness

What does the term “sovereignty” mean?
God’s supreme power

What is “creatio ex nihilo”?
create from nothing

What is the primary emphasis on human beings in the Pentateuch?
Human kind is fallen

What does “shalom” mean?

What interferes with God’s presence providing peace?
human sin

In addition to peace what two things does God presence provide?
significance and meaning

The loss of a peaceful relationship with God separated humans from God and affected the way we relate to what two things?
Creation and each other

What literary form does the Pentateuch use to relate salvation?

What are the factors that motivated God to redemptive action?
love and capation

God’s law protects His people from their what?
self destructive actions

The primary theme of the Pentateuch is the story of God’s?

Cosmogony is the study of
how the world is made

The closest parallel to ancient Hebrew concepts is found in the literature of

Marduk is a major character in the
Equma Elish

As a result of being created in the image of God, human beings
have dominion over all creatures

In which chapter of Genesis is humankind characterized as perfect?

The theme of Genesis 3-11 is the ___?
Moral Failure of Humankind

Who is the “Babylonian Noah”?

A stepped tower of three to seven stages is called a

Which Mesopotamian city had a name which meant “Gate to God”?

The patriarchal narrative begins in Genesis

What do the patriarchs mean for our faith today?
Ancestors of our faith

Taking into account archaeological, cultural, and literary evidence, the events of Genesis 12-50 fit best into the
Bronze Age

Abram’s name changed to Abraham in Genesis

The two things most important to ancient peoples were land and __?

Where did Abram’s family originate

To demonstrate his promise to Abram, God took Abram outside and told him to count

Who was Hagar?
slave girl who got to know Abraham

Who was the mother of Ishmael?

How old was Abram when God changed his name to Abraham?

What is the meaning of the name Sarah?

Abraham illustrates the Christian doctrine of

What name means “supplanter”?

How many sons did Jacob have?

Who was not a wife of Jacob?

God changed Jacob’s name to?

In relation to the ancestry of Christ, why is the story of Joseph unusual?
He was not in the messianic lines

What do the circumstances of the positions of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob best illustrate?

Exodus is best characterized as a description of
rescue and relationship

What was the basic reason the Egyptians enslaved the Hebrews?
to control the threat of the large Hebrew population

Which incident marks the point at which Moses will collide with God?
burning bush

In the Exodus story what demonstrated that God controlled the cosmic order?
the plages

When the Hebrews saw the Egyptians dead on the shore of the Red Sea, they saw their God’s

What type of law applies covenant law to life?

What was the main purpose of the desert tabernacle?
to provide a place where God would dwell

The distinguishing feature of the Sinai Covenant was that it?
provided detailed written instructions for having a relationship with God

Obeying God’s law is a __?
response to salvation

What is emphasized throughout all of Exodus?
God’s presence

What today fulfills God’s presence of dwelling with humankind?
Holy Spirit

While the central event of the New Testament is the cross, the central event of the Old Testament is the

Which ancient Near Eastern group burned sacrifices by fire?
the Isaelites

What was the most distinctive aspect of the Israelite sacrificial system?
It was linked to the conventional relationship with God

What was Aaron chosen to do that other Levites did not do?
offer the sacrifice

From whom were the Levites not descended?

The central emphasis in Leviticus is on
how to worship God

The Holiness Code speaks primarily to
right living outside the tabernacle

What was part of the Day of Atonement?
cleansing the sins of the past year

What was unique to the Day of Atonement?
considered the holy day

What should be our approach to the laws of the Old Testament?
concerned only with the moral laws

When the worshiper placed his hand on the head of the sacrifice animal, he
transfers his guilt into the animal

By ordaining sacrificial blood for the cleansing of sin, God established the spiritual principle that
sin must be atoned for

Which is not a theme in Leviticus?
Law, Holiness, Sacrafice

How did Christ’s death as an atonement for sin differ from Old Testament atonement?
It was meant for the world

Which New Testament book emphasizes the importance of Leviticus for Christians today?

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