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Last updated: May 3, 2019
the repetition of initial identical consonant sounds. or vowel sounds in successive words or syllables

repetition of a word, phrase, or clause at the beginning of two or more sentences in a row.

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this is a deliberate form of repeition and helps make the writer’s point more coherent.

a figure of speech in which the name of one object is subsituted for that of another closely associated with it

word or phrase used two or more times in close proximity

a writer’s attitude toward his or her subject matter revealed through diciton, figurative language, and organization of the sentence

abstract language
language describing ideas and qualities rrather than observable or specific things, people, or places. the observable of physicla is using described in concrete language

a writer’s attempt to remove himself or herself from any subjective, personal involvement in a story

arguments that draw on recongnized experts or persons with highly relevant experience are said to rest on authoritative backing or authority. readers are expevted to accept claims if they are in agreement with an authority’s view

an expression used in informal conversation but not accepted universally in formal writing or speech

an event or situation that may be interpreted in more than one way.

also the manner of expression of such an event or situation may be ambiguous

an indirect reference to something with which the reader is supposed to be familiar

sentence which begins with the main idea and then expands on that idea with a series of details or other particulars

a blancing of two opposite or contrasting words, phrases or clauses

rather than the dictionary definition, that associations suggested by a word. implied meaning rather than literal meaning or denotation

a work of fiction or nonfiction is asid to be unified if all the parts are related to one central idea or organizing principle. is dependant on coherence

a word or words, either figurative or literal, used to describe a sensory experience or an object perceived by the senses.

always a concerte representation

a figurative comparison of two things, often dissimilar, with the use of connecting words “like” or “as”

when a reader is aware of a reality that differs from a character’s perception of reality

freight train
sentence consisting of three or more very short independent clauses joined by conjuctinos

when a writer bases a claim upon an isolated example or asserts that a claim is certain rather than probable. sweeping generalizations occur when a write asserts that a claim applies to all instances instead of some

an individual instance taken to be representative of a general pattern

a comparison of two things, often unrelated. a figurative verbal equation results where both parts illuminate one another

the use of images, especially in a pattern of related images, often figurative, to create a strong, unified sensory impression

the purifying of the emotions or leieving of emtional tensions; an empathetic identification with others

qualities of a fictional or nonfictional work that evoke sorrow or pity

when a writer musters relevant opposing arguments

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