Examining The Concept Of Experimental Animation

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Last updated: July 15, 2019

Experimenting assorted types and sorts of lifes and unifying in to one incorporate alone life is Experimental Animation. There are different life mediums limited to imaginativeness. Its how we combine these illimitable medium in to a individual alien life manner that defines experimental life.

In this undertaking “ INTOXICATE ” we tried to blend different types of life from one of the oldest similar claymation to the current digital 2D-animation.Idea:The thought for our Intoxicate undertaking was derived from our mundane occurrences. We had many thoughts and subjects but at last decided to make an life on how our heads and ideas work daily. We tend to make things in a manner but our interior ideas lead us to the other.Concepts and finalized narratives:Finally utilizing these constructs we decided a concluding narrative. A Banana character named prohibition is walking on the beach when he come across his friend, another Banana character. His friend invites him to fall in him to hold some merriment for a piece. But Ban Refuses and inquire his friend to transport out without him.

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His friends compels him and draw him by the arm when all of a sudden ban ringers in to another prohibition. His friend senses something is incorrect and foliages. Now Ban is inquiring who the ringer is and he besides acts the same manner Ban acts. Ban asks the ringer who he is. The responds stating that its his “ interior ideas ” .

At this clip a Prunus persica shaped girl walks by them. The interior idea all of a sudden see her in a romantic manner and whistlings. Ban so grabs the ringer and beats him up.

The significance behind the narrative is we should non allow our interior desires ruin our outside image. So. Kill your interior ideas.

Genre and grasp:

We have classified the genre for this undertaking to societal and personal consciousness. Through this undertaking we have tried to distribute a message to all the teens and young person to halt seeing everything in dual significances or see everything in a bad or blue manner all the clip.Preproduction

Target Audience:

Many of us acquire this cockamamie and bad ideas around the terminal of our teens and through our young person.

So the mark audience for this life are Teens and Youths.

Character and Environment designs:

The characters are two fruits, a banana and a pear. We have selected the banana to be the male character and the pear fruit as the female character because of their several form that defines a peculiar organic structure portion.

The environment is designed harmonizing to the state of affairs. Beach is the best topographic point for love affair and so selected it for our environment. We so looked at assorted looks to give for the character and the colour. This was done by analyzing them first manus and utilizing web mentions.

First manus mentions:

We have taken first manus mentions for the character in our undertaking.

We visited assorted fruit stores and juice stores to analyze the two characters Banana and Pear for the undertaking. We so visited the Marina beach for the survey of a beach scene for making the background and the scene. The colour and texture of the characters and the background is studied first manus.

Relevant research works:

The other research plants and character looks are farther studied gathered from the Internet and studied widely.Production

Procedure of Production:

The production procedure starts after all the programs and studies are finalized and the construct is clear. The chief facet of production is hiting. Shooting involves capturing of images and pictures by sing the location and entering them digitally or through movies with histrions. Sometimes histrions are composited to the picture.

Lots of stuff is collected and later decided which 1 is traveling to be used in the concluding picture. For this undertaking the chief character was made of china clay. We shot the characters with different airss in a green screen and the background was made digitally in Photoshop. So our production procedure consisted merely of character hiting with different airss with proper set spying to fit the digital background.

Troubles faced or short autumn and how it has been taken attention:

There were legion troubles we faced in doing this experimental life.

The first major job we faced was how to unify the existent clay character to the digitally created background without any abnormalities. This job was taken attention through expert redaction and colour rectification work by our editors. The following major job was the illuming the character in existent universe and harmonising its illuming digitally.

This was taken attention while hiting the character. The lighting was give suitably at the clip of hiting itself thanks to the lighting creative persons. Using assorted package like Photoshop, After Effectss, Flash. The other jobs were easy taken attention thanks to multi package cognition of our squad members.Post production

Procedure of Post production:

After the shot and other production is done the procedure moves to Post Production. While hiting for a movie ever excess shootings are take.

This make sure we have got all the stuffs to be subsequently made in to a movie. Its about impossible to travel to the hiting location and shoot once more if something is missed out. So its ever advisable to hit decently ab initio. Then comes the function of redacting.

Editing combines the assorted shootings from the production procedure and combines it in to a full length movie. Editing is the followed by sound commixture. Sometimes the sound is recorded while hiting the movie and sometimes sound is recorded in a studio with sound histrions and merged with the picture utilizing redacting.

Role of an editor in this life:

Editing comes under station production.

The editor plays a major function in happening the whole movie in to one. An editor takes all the shootings of a movie and merges it together in to a individual piece of work. In our undertaking we had different shootings of clay and we animated it and had different shootings. The editor took those shootings and tried to unify the colour of the clay to fit the colour of the background. The editor so colour corrected the whole short movie and tried to do the picture existent.


An image or a picture got by uniting small pieces of images gathered from assorted beginnings. Largely a portion of the image or picture is separated and replaced with a different content appropriate for the narrative. In our undertaking we used clay for our characters. We shot the airss for the character in a green screen and added a 2D background with compositing techniques.

Post production


Sound in a movie is highly of import to show the assorted state of affairss and add excess significance to the picture. In our undertaking we have added music to our picture utilizing redacting after finishing the whole life procedure.

Concluding end product:

After following each and every measure of the life procedure we came out with a individual end product. Our end product is in a individual picture format. From the characters live shoot to the digital background all combined and harmonized in to a sequence obeying the narrative we were seeking to show to the audience is brought out in the signifier of this picture end product.

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