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Example of Poke Yoke, Visual WorkPlace and 5s   Control Phase  Evaluation and Monitoring mechanism   (like SPC, audit., Survelliance) of resultafter implementation of the solutions  Institutionalization andIntegration of the solution  Process of closing theprojects  Work through attest six sigmaprojects of different application   The Green Belts can be trained in one shot in fivedays. It should be ensure that before the project enters the analyze phase allthe project teams members are trained   If the organization wishes to involve operations inthis movement, One can start the Yellow Belt training, but one advice  shall be” to hold on” at least for two yearsin a large organization.

However in SMEs, The Yellow Belt  could participate in the Six Sigma projects as team members in the initiationstage itself. However, For Large organization Yellow Belt training isrecommended only at the integration stage   The Yellow Belt Curriculum can include the following topics  Project selection charter  Quality and  Process, Process analysis Data Collection, Measure of controltendency and dispersion Understanding variation, lookinginto data (frequency plots, Pareto diagrams) Time Plot (Run Chart), ControlChart for individual values Brain strumming Five Why’s Cause and Effectanalysis, Tree Diagram, FMEA  Validation of Causes, Graphicalanalysis (Scatter analysis, Comparison plot, Main effect plot and Cause solutionmatrix) Evaluating Solutions Ideas,Planning Tools. Introduction to control phase,Comparison of before and after improvement.

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 Project Identification   Once the list of probable projects is identified,then the names of likely projects are finalized. Finally, the local deploymentcoordinator should propose the same to the plant leadership team for approval.Six Sigma project implementation model shown in this chapter is designed toeffectively implant Six Sigma projects in an organization.     5.

6Establishment Initial Success Celebration To motivate team members & to popularize SixSigma culture among all employees initial successes of project completion shallbe celebrated. Prizes can be given in function organized for celebration.   Periodical Assessment To sustain the results of Six Sigma periodicalassessment shall be done. In L this assessment is done SBU wise,department wise & Six Sigma co-ordinator wise. A Six Sigma Implementation modeldeveloped after detail study at Larsen & Toubro Limited is given infollowing diagram.          5.

7 Six Sigma Implementation Model: Fig. 5.1 SIX SIGMA Implementation Model for  IndianIndustries                                                                                                            Business Customer Expectation                                                                       Expectation                                                                    Expectationfrom Six Sigma  Implementation    122             Awareness Program                       Readiness Assessment                External Cons ul t a nt Appointment                                  Gap Analysis   Formation of Implementation Strategy             Tools and Methodology Finalization                         Six Si gma Organization                                  (Proposal)               Training for BB, GB, Champions                              Project Identification                            Initial Success Celebration                              Periodical Assess ment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Commitment by Senior Management                                                                                                                Tools            

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