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Examplesof Software as a Service (SaaS) include virtual desktops, communication, email,and games. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) example includes servers,storage, a virtual machine, and the network itself. Examples of the Platform asa Service (PaaS) would include web servers, development tools, and databases.Identity as a Service (IDaaS) can include directory management, provisioning,or single sign-on services (SSO). SaaSdeployments give organization the ability to run software that is installed onthe cloud.

This can be cost effective as it eliminates the expense of hardwareacquisition and maintenance, as well as software licensing, installation andsupport. However, businesses must rely on outside vendors to provide thesoftware, maintain, track and report accurate billing and facilitate a secureenvironment for the business’ data. Providers that experience service disruptionsimpose unwanted changes to service offerings, experience a security breach orany other issue can have a significant effect on the customers’ ability to accesstheir data. Organization that uses SaaS deployments should first understandtheir provider’s service-level agreement, and ensure it is enforced. With thatsaid, I would include Database servers-Student access, CentralizedAssessments, VPUB, Alfresco Database, VCASTLE Environment, LMSVids in the list ofSaaS deployments from the ECPI Cloud Services diagram.Platformas a Service (PaaS) provides organizations the capability to deploy software ontothe cloud infrastructure whether it is consumer-created or acquiredapplications created using programming languages, libraries, services, andtools supported by the provider. Organizations do not have the ability tomanage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure including network,servers, operating systems, or storage. Instead, administrators are given controlover the deployed applications and possibly configuration settings for theapplication-hosting environment.

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Therefore, I would include Database Servers-Studentaccess, Centralized Assessments, VCASTLE Environment, LMSVids in the list ofPaaS deployments from the ECPI Cloud Services diagram.Infrastructureas a Service (IaaS) is the foundation of cloud computing. Instead of purchasingor leasing space, buying severs and other utilities, then paying for labor toactually get the job done, many organization have turned to cloud storage andother infrastructures. An IaaS provider allows organizations to rent space in avirtual data center. Users may access the virtual data center via the Internet.This type of cloud computing provides the “raw materials” for IT administrators,and users usually only pay for the resources they consume.

This includes CPUcores, RAM, hard disk or storage space, and data transfer. I would includeDatabase Servers-Student access, Alfresco Database, VPUB in the listof IaaS deployments from the ECPI Cloud Services diagram.Identity-as-a-Service(IDaaS) can be defined as any solution connecting users through secureidentities to IT resources delivered as an on-going service. DirectoryServices– essentially the core user store of an organization’s users. Theseidentities can be delivered to IT resources through a cloud-based platformwhich is often called Directory-as-a-Service® and is employed via multipleprotocols. Delivered as a SaaS-based service, this category is at the forefrontof any company’s identity management strategy. Directory Extensions–on-premises directory services. Applications such as Microsoft Active Directoryand OpenLDAP are limited in what support is offered.

I would include Faculty/Studenton and off campus, Email Server, Xendasktop, Centralized Assessments, Database Servers-Student access, Alfresco Database, VPUB, and Campus Moodle Server.

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