Examples of Simile, Metaphor, Mood, Imagery, visualize, metaphor, theme

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Last updated: December 18, 2019
Poems are written in lines (which do not have to be complete sentences)

The use of words that begin with the same sound in the same line (only words that begin with consonants, not vowels)

Examples of alliteration
Ex: The woods are lovely, dark and deep. (the d-sound)Ex: Diamonds from the deepest ocean (the d-sound)Ex: We were wandering through the woods.

(the w-sound)

The feeling expressed in a poem

Example of mood
Ex: In “Spanish Boots of Spanish Leather”, the mood is heartache, sadness, and loss because the woman is sailing away and the lovers are being separated.

When you picture or imagine something in your mind

Example of visualizing
Ex: When I read the poem “Mother to Son”, I visulaize an ugly, broken-down staircase that is dark and dangerous to climb.

When an author uses language in a poem that has to do with the 5 senses (seeing, hearing tasting, touching, and smelling)

Example of imagery
Ex: In the poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, the line “He gives his harness bells a shake” makes me imagine the sound of bells ringing on a silent night.

Comparing two things using the words like or as

Example of simile
Ex: “I stretch my arms as wide as the sky like a hawk extends her wings” (comparing arms to the sky and to a hawk’s wings).

Comparing two things without using the words like or as

Example of metaphor
Ex: “If dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly”(comparing a bird that can’t fly to life without dreams).

The main point or message in a poem

Example of theme
In the poem “Spanish Boots of Spanish Leather”, the theme is that sometimes the person we love doesn’t love us in the same way and we have to let them go and move on.


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