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Last updated: September 23, 2019

Executive SummaryManaged Services Providers (MSP) take on the responsibility of a businesses’ IT needs, from infrastructure to vendor management to everyday break-fix operations, allowing their clients to utilize their freed-up time and resources to use their existing IT managers for strategic planning, or to become the stand-in IT department for clients.

iVenture Solutions takes being an MSP to the next level by prioritizing service, staff credentials, and a proactive approach to IT. This whitepaper outlines the advantages to working with an MSP from a small-to-medium businesses’ financial, risk management, and core competency perspectives. A Note from iVentureAt iVenture, we believe in business friendly IT. We pride ourselves on creating a culture of innovation and success that cares just as much about your business as you do. We believe IT should never be a limiting factor to your growth, regardless of your industry. We believe in taking a human approach to IT, which means holding ourselves to the highest level of customer service.We believe that working with a managed services provider allows your business to flourish while ensuring you have the gold standard in proactive IT. We have carefully created this document detailing the advantages to working with an MSP.

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 Why Partner with an MSP Update Title  In a rapidly evolving technology landscape, finding the right solution for your business can be tricky, especially when IT is not your company’s core competency. Managing your network and data while thwarting the latest security threats can feel nearly impossible without the aid of a team of certified professionals at your side. Complexities in modern technology can hinder a business that isn’t always focused on IT, but they’re the full business of a managed service providers (MSP).   IT should not be your problemMSPs take the guesswork out of planning for success by leveraging their expertise to the advantage of their clients. A small businesses’ in-house IT teams can often be hard-pressed to find the time to balance the everyday workload of break-fix with proactive monitoring, let alone keeping up with current trends in the IT industry.

Small IT teams, even if outsourced, can often become a victim of having too few resources to keep up with the demand of the technology landscape. This often leads to a long ticket queue, an overworked helpdesk, and a lengthy amount of time before low-tier issues are solved. MSPs can free up the time of an in-house IT team that is looking to align their goals with business leaders, or can alleviate the frustration of a staff working with an under-resourced vendor that is having trouble closing the low-tier tickets.

Working with an MSP is a great way to create a technology plan for the future while allowing you to focus on your core strength: running your business.  Improve your productivity A good MSP understands that platform productivity is just as critical as employee productivity. An MSP should function as your IT department “down the hall”, by providing constant communication as well as looking forward to the future of technology and its impact on your business. Consistent results and communication from a team of experts take away from the frequent IT issues that plague businesses, improving your team’s happiness and overall productivity.   Consistently proactive approach to ITWorking with an MSP gives businesses peace of mind through promising consistency to its clients, even when dealing with highly specific cases.

With more staff on hand, MSPs are able to proactively prepare for outside threats, as well as continuously monitor recurring issues to get to the root cause. Drilling down into trends allows MSP techs to find the heart of a recurring problem, and eliminate the employees’ frustrations, and allow your team more room to be productive. Reallocating time back to your team allows your business to focus on their core competencies while MSPs focus on keeping your technology safe, compliant, and up-to-date. Expert business continuity guidance Getting stuck with trying to cover all your IT without outsourced professionals can leave you vulnerable to data breaches, or even worse—obsolescence. Failing to plan for the future of technology can be extremely costly, and relying on technology that was once state of the art without maintenance can cripple businesses that do not invest in technology. MSPs understand business, which means getting (and keeping) your business on its feet with minimal downtime is as much their priority as it is yours. In an age where your company’s data is currency, the technological component of your business cannot be neglected.

In 2017, an estimated 43% of small businesses were the target of malicious cyber attacks, which cost an average of $3.8 million to businesses. Understanding that security is more than filters, firewalls, and antivirus software, is critical to the security of both your company and your customer’s data. Although cyber attacks usually make headlines by breaching large companies, being unable to recover from a data breach puts 60% of small businesses out of operation within 6 months. Without a team of technology professionals focused on the horizon, this risk is elevated.  Incremental benefits to your bottom lineOutsourcing IT gives companies a financial advantage as well. Whether an MSP will manage all IT end-to-end or assist an existing IT team, your business can save money in what salaries, full-time engineers, and disaster recovery would cost on your own. Additionally, leaving your IT to proactive professionals ensures your system will have high availability as a standard, and ensuring business continuity through a disaster recovery plan with as little downtime as possible.

Preventative action saves companies time and money, getting ahead of issues before they become costly emergencies. Why Partner with an MSP?An MSP allows the technology experts to handle the technology. The time and resources now available to a business provide technical results such as “five-nine uptime” and automated monitoring and response, as well as tangible results in increased productivity and peace of mind. In addition to saving costs, MSP partnerships allow businesses to take a proactive approach to their IT by leveraging the expert knowledge of a certified team.  Welcome to a world of business friendly ITIf a managed services provider is the right solution for your team, give iVenture a call at 888-380-1235.  

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