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ExecutiveSummary Candia is a product of CDL which was launched on April 12, 1999. Candiais mainly a French brand and it is handled and packed by CDL. Candia is alreadya very widespread brand in Europe and other 52 countries. Previously it was obtainable across Pakistan in all the major cities.

Butfar along on product was unsuccessful due to its Taste, Packaging (without cap),Poor distribution and Customer’s brand faithfulness to other brands. With preceding weakness we are going to re-launch this product with changedmarket strategies, new packaging, Taste and proper distribution.COMPANY INTRODUCTION:CDL FoodsLimited is a rising food products company. CDL was recognized in 1984 as aprivate limited company. The corporation came up with “Haleeb milk” and lateron it continued to increase its product line. CDL presented”Haleeb Cream” which was launched directly for the customer but also brought tomany ice cream plants where it was used as a vital feature.

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CDL has milkprocessing factory and has a team of 400 brilliant persons to support itsprocesses.  CDL FOODSLIMITED is the first food company and possibly so far is the first dairy businessin Pakistan to get ISO 9002 certification, they are dedicated to severe qualityvalues in all their operations from collection of milk to the facility ofhygienically processed food nutritious products to their consumers. The head office of CDL is located in Lahore at135-Ferozepur Road. CDL is manufacturing a number of food products bothfor consumers and industrial users. CDLis the market front-runner in the dairy milk industry. MISSION STATEMENT”Build trademarkedfood business to improve quality of life by offering tasty, reasonable andhighly nutritional products to our customers while maximizing stockholdersworth”. VISION STATEMENT”Most advancedand fastest growing food business offering products loved in everyhome every day”.

OVERVIEW OFPRODUCTOur productname is Candia, Candia is a product of CDLwhich was launched on April 12, 1999. Candia is mainly a French brand and it ishandled and packed by CDL. Candia is already a very widespread brand in Europeand other 52 countries. COMPETITORS:Pakistan’sFMCG sector is mainly ruled by the two great titans, namely Nestle and EngroFoods. Both are huge corporations with a large customers and are effectively workingin different product classes. Haleeb Foods has faced the huge rivalry of these corporations.Nestle and Engro are both very money-making with Nestlé, an internationalmarket lead with a much expanded product range. Productslike milk, Olpers, and Good milk have been a serious danger to Haleeb milk.

Presently,though, since the economic and political circumstances of the country, nocompany is fulfilling its full potential. High rates of inflation, rising oilprices, lack of energy all added to the closing of many enterprises. Evencompetitors have struggle surviving in this difficult situations.

 By concentratingon making its procedures and policies, Haleeb can improve its competitiveposition and get back on its bases. It must have a solid product collection anda well-constructed marketing plan to reclaim its lost reputation and attainment.SWOT ANALYSIS OF CANDIASTRENGTHS: We have Internationalpackaging for our product it will reasonable and have reasonable prices. Forthis aim, we are having our own packaging plant for quality assurance purposes.

WEAKNESSES:·       Forquality assurance it required hefty money for the advancement and to introducethe product in the market. The main problem and obstacle we are facing Consumers are brand faithful toward competitor’s product so we have to influencethem to buy Candia Milk again.OPPORTUNITIES:We will try thatcustomer will Increase the usage of the milk and will introduce the newflavored milk and in this way, people are changing from unhygienic to hygienicmilk.THREATS:The main risk of the product was thecompetitors can come up with plastic bottles using the plastic caps and changedscheme and packaging.PESTAL ANALYSIS:Political / Legal Forces:The political and legal forceswhich caused CDL marketing efforts for the launch of Candia were theenvironmental anti-pollution acts, according to which a company is banned touse that plastic packing which is not recyclable.

Candia has a special packagingwhich is recyclable and environmentally friendly.Economics:The following economic conditions which can affect the marketing activitiesfor Candia are:Business Cycle The business cycle consists of four phases, success, collapse, depressionand recovery. Presently, the whole business industry in Pakistan is passingthrough a stage of collapse but it is expected that it will enter the recovery phasesoon, which will be promising for company’s long-term pricing aims. 

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