EXECUTIVE WHITEFIELD,BANGALORE deliver the service. The points what we

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe report presents an evaluation on the identification of Service Management Excellence in hotel. The report specializes in the importance of service excellence, how itis able to be completed with examples of best practices followed inside thehotel, also the recommendation what is needed for the organisation. Keepingin mind the words said by Siebel Ad that Good service is good business. If theorganisation fails to deliver the proper service to the guest it causes loss ofrevenue at the same time the if they deliver the type of service which delightsthe guest even that makes the employee motivated.  In this report we will discuss about how ZURIWHITEFIELD,BANGALORE deliver the service. The points what we will discuss inthis report are service method, employee management, guest satisfaction,performance evaluation of the said organisation and the points recommended forthe improvement of service.             INTRODUCTIONBy Service excellence we  mean to say that it is the ability of meetingof guest and customers expectation effectively.

 The organisation should give the proper service what guest has expectedfrom the organisation. For a organisation their priorities are their employeesand customers because without them the organisation cannot run. But we seethese days in the run of making more profit the organisation ignores theservice excellence. Service Excellence is not onlyabout exceeding the expectations of the customers, but also about deliveringthe service which is promised by the organisation and dealing with any queriesand issues that may arise (Johnston R and Clark G). We will discuss theidentification of service management of the hotel called  zuri whitefield Bangalore. It is five starluxury property which is owned by the zuri group global.

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In this report we havechooses some points to showcase how the hotel delivers its service to the guestand some recommendation to improve the service in the hotel.             ORGANISATION FOR SERVICEOrganisation is a platformwhere services are designed and delivered. Services can be different from oneorganisation to another. The hotel on which we will discuss  some points is ZURI WHITEFIELD, BANGALORE. It isowned by The Zuri Group Global.

It has five properties worldwide. Zuri is knownfor its service. They serve the best quality of service that satisfy the guest.

The Structure of the hotel hierarchy is like pyramid top liners are themanagers, then comes supervisors than front liners. Normally in the structurewe see top liners orders the supervisors the work and the supervisor get itdone by the front liners. They comes in direct interaction with  the guest. This is the traditional structure ofthe organisation. But in Zuri front liners are authorised some power which theycan implement on their work. If any situation happens they can use those powerto solve the problems.

The way the employees treats the guest from the beginningof their stay from the reservation to check in everything happens in a mannerthat automatically impress the guest. The moment guest step intothe hotel the employees treat them like family member. The bell caption Mr.Laxman in Zuri used to tell ” Treat your Customer like your family member, Youhelp your family members, you take care of them like the same way you shouldtake care of your customers”.

So the guest of zuri hotel are given the best servicewith in the shortest period of time. When the guest checks in they offer welcomedrink and cold towel that relaxes the guest’s hectic day they do a quick checkin then they are escorted to their rooms. During the whole stay the all theneed of the guest are given a great privilege and the internal departmentalcoordination helps to serves the guest better. Recommendations ·        There should be more training session for the front liners as they aredealing with the guest·        Internal department coordination needs to be more strong so that theycan deliver the services effectively                                                    SERVICEQUALITY The quality system is the organisationalstructure, responsibilities, procedures, processes and resources forimplementing quality management. (Slack et al., 2007:661). So it is clearlysaid by slack that it is organisation’s responsibility to satisfy the customerwith their service to meets the guest’s expectation. It is a study or analysiswhat a service operator does to deliver the right service to the guest whatthey expected from the organisation.

Quality is generallyconformance to the customer’s expectations consistently (Slack, et al, 2007:539). Servicequality is very important thing for all hotel organisation. Zuri also worksreally hard to ensure that it is providing the best service quality to each customer,because quality is something is describes the standard of the hotel is thequality of service is very good, it can have a huge impact on the sells and therevenues can be increased easily so for maintaining the best quality we firstneed to make sure that our staff members are skilled and efficient enough toimpress the customers. Customers now a days want a quick service within the shortestperiod of time with no mistakes in it, so that is the reason we need to ensurethat our staffs are skilled and trained well enough so they can perform anytask with ease with in the limited period if time.

Withproper quality not only sells goes up but cost can be reduce significantly. Nowquality is something that we cannot measure, it can be only measured by thecustomers. For that we need to take feedback from our customer and need tofocus on the areas which the hotel is going wrong.

By focusing on those areaswe can improve the quality of the service. Not only we can get to know thequality of services from the customer but we can also know this from our competitor.We need to observe the services they are providing and try to provide betterservice than them in an efficient manner. As we know service is neither visiblenor tangible, the hotel needs to make their customers feel the warmness and courteousnessthrough  a high quality of service.Timequality management is one of the best approach to improve the service quality.

Overall  first-rate control isthe best method to enhance the service best. It focuses on the nice developmentmaintenance and development efforts to meet the customers.Thekey points of TQMCustomer focus – meeting customer’s expectations to retain thosecustomers thus enhancing profitability; and meeting the strategic needs of theorganisation.Total Involvement –it is based on culture of continues improvement that everyone does in the sameorganisation as everyone works to achieve the mission and vision of theorganisation.

·        The managers always solve the problemswhenever any complaints arrived during the stay of the guest and for nonresidential  too. The manager alwaysthere to face the situation.·        The regular guest are provided with vouchersand special offers on their special occasions.·        The housekeeping department at times doesn’tchange the flowers which they supposed to change twice in a week.·        In a hurry the housekeeping departmentdoesn’t change the bed sheets or duvet that is once again a bad practice.·        In business centre the employees used t leavethe place for sometime again which is not a good quality of service.  Recommendation·        The management wishes to be aware about thesesituations and make the employees recognize approximately the first-rate of thecarrier.

·        The front liners who always comes in guestinteraction they need to communicate with the guest properly to avoid themisunderstandings.·        There should some training session to makethe employees ready for increase the confidence level. MANAGINGPEOPLETo the customer, he/she may see  employees as part of the service/productprovided by organisations (Mudie and Pirrie, 2006).

Managingpeople is one of the most difficult jobs as the management needs to motivate,train, lead, inspire them continuously. For a organisation their employees arethe most important asset because they only take care of the guest. As said by Steven R Covey that in organisation shouldtake care of their employees the way they take care of their guest.Theorganisation should value their employees because ·        Employees are the brand face of theorganisation as the guest judge the organisation by the employees·        Employees are the one who deliver the serviceto the guest and delight them and that makes the organisation different fromother organisation ·        Employees are the one who comes in directinteraction to the guest even before knowing about the organisation ·        The customer considers theemployee to be an integral part of the product, service and organisation (Mudieand Pierre, 2006) ·        A employee’s behaviour that makes a customerregular and loyal so the organisation should take care of their employees firstThe 3 key factors tocontrol people in the organisation are-·        To hire the proper staff·        To authorize the people to work·        To encourage the personnel and assist tocreate a positive mind set.   Ø  InZuri Whitefiled there were different training session to aware the employeesabout the new trends, new service style what they can implement on their workplaceØ  Tokeep them motivated there were gaming place as recreation centre for employeeswhere they can play carom, chess, table tennis.

Ø  Therewere once employee meets in a month to recognise the star employee f the month Ø  Therewere some events to engage the employee from their work Recommendation·        The staff turn over is a main problem overthere. Without any professional degree people join the organisation that effectthe organisation so the HR should take trained people·        The salary is one of the major reason ofstaff turn over as the work pressure is high but according to that the salaryis very low·        The ood and beverage staffs have to do extrashift that makes the people tiring and de-motivated so HR should make theschedule accordingly.  SERVICECOMMUNICATION Service Communicationis equally as important as othe things that is required to run a hoteleffectively. By service communication we mean to say that we are making thecustomers aware about the hotel, with the help of communication we are not onlycreating an awareness in the mind of customer, but we are also informing them aboutthe hotel services and the product. Now  communication can be done by many ways, suchas Advisement Ø  On socialmedia Ø  ConferencesØ  MediaØ  MailsWithproper service communication the hotel can obviously expect to get a goodamount of business, which can help to improve the sells and revues. For that weneed to create the right communication mix which includes Ø  Personalselling media Ø  AdvertisementØ  Publicityand public relation Ø  Pointsells promotionWe shouldalso insure that we are providing the same service, with the same quality as wehave informed or promised to our customers otherwise it can result in anegative publicity. So in the end we can say that service communication isreally important and useful, though it is costly but it is surely an effectiveway to attract the business.

  Demandand capacity managementDemand is a perishable element as it cannotbe reserve in an inventory for its use in future. If the demand is not met itis gone forever The causes of different  demand and capacity are:·        When demand is more, in this position the demandexceeds the available capacity level; due to this the hotel fails to offer thespecified service to the customers and loses revenue and business finally.·        When demand exceeds the most efficientcapability to be had which gives service to the guest but causes a detoriationin the level of service because of the crowded situation·        Te demand and suppy are equally balanced premiereability level. In this position the customers are delighted as the service isprovided nicely. theinitiatives taken in hotel to equalise the demand and capability fluctuationsare-·        Hiring extra people on a contracted basisduring the busy period. In zuri whitefield they used to do Out dor cateringeven lots of banquet events or that they need to hire extra workers so theyhire casual trainees to do the operation effectively.·        During the festive season when the  demand is high in the coffee shop there werespecial buffet and needed more staffs to do the work so staffs fromhousekeeping and front office used to come and help the food and beverage teamto work·        In karibu the coffee shop they used to keepthe maximum staffs during the breakfast which is the most busy time in a daywhen inhouse guest come have their breakfast so the schedule made accordingly·        All the renovation, paintings should be doneduring the lean season when demand is low because there won’t be too many guestand crowd will be less so none will be disturbed ·        When the demand is low the employees used toget the holidays during that time Recommendations·        When demandis low they can introduced some special buffet spread with offeres to attractthe guest·        All thespring cleaning and renovation can be done when the demand is low  Monitoring and evaluating the serviceMonitoringand Evaluating assists to the development of overall performance and success ofthe organisation.

Its purpose is to improvise the modern and future outputs,outcomes and effect of the management.evaluationof the service will assist the organization to discover the customer complaints,search for solutions and then remedy the trouble to be able to motive customerdelight.Thefive elements of SERVQUAL measurement to analysis the volume between the expectationof the guest and perception of the service are:1.    Tangible2.    Reliability3.    Responsiveness4.

    Assurance5.    EmpathyThe advantagesof customer satisfactions are:·        Customer will stay with the brand. They wi beloyal to the organisation and will you the same organisation over others·        The organisation won’t be losing theircustomers as their loyal customer will be with them·        Word of Mouth – is one of the great way topromote the organisation so with a positive word of mouth new customer willcome to the organisation·        Eventually organisation can enlarge theirprice and it won’t effect the loyal customer too. Ø  Zurihas won many awards for their great quality of serviceØ  Thereviews of the guest in different travel sites said it all CONCLUSIONAt the end of this report it is able toconcluded for a organisation the most important factor is it’s employees andcustomer as they are the part of this operation. Organisation is where theservices are made and deliver it to the guest effectively and it makes theguest satisfy as well as motivates the employees and by that the customerbecomes loyal to the organisation. As Bill gates said, that the unhappycustomers are the greatest source of learning which is true because when a customercomplains then only the hotel comes to knw about their weakness and they getthe chance to solve it. Service excellence is very important thing in aorganisation.

It is so lot extra than customer service and a tag line.

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