Explain how Muslim teaching affects Muslim attitudes to the created world

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The created world is everything around us the, world beyond and the universe there in according to Muslim context all of which was created by the ‘one and only’ Allah. In the created world Muslims are no other than overseers or stewards to ensure the correct keeping of the Earth and the fullness there that they say belongs to the ‘Creator’.

In today’s world there is trouble surrounding the created world an example of this is global warming; rise in the earths temperature is a huge concern in science today. Environmentalists are condemning human actions saying they should take more responsibility for their world and preserve it for the upcoming generation. However religious groups are taking action and turning towards their sacred texts to find guidance on how they should treat the created world.

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In the Islamic Muslims have referred to the ‘Hadith’, ‘The Assisi Declaration’ and the Qu’ran. In theses scriptures and declarations the way in which Muslims should live their live to look after the created world are highlighted.The first concept that must be considered when thinking about how teaching affects a Muslims attitude towards the created world is that of, Tawhid, as stated as the central concept of Islam it is the unity an oneness of Allah. Muslims are obliged to follow the teachings of their creator who says that he has placed every Muslim as a ‘Khalifah’ which is the second concept. This means they are Allah’s stewards on Earth to nurture, guard and look after every aspect of it and if they the intention to do this isn’t from the heart they should do it to show gratefulness and respect for the earth he has supplied for them.

This is also shown in (Surah 6:165) ‘It is he who has made you his agents…use the gifts he has given to you’. From this passage Muslim attitude would be affected to care for the environment to the best of their ability. Also as Muslims are Allah’s made ‘agents’ this means they are in charge of the Earth; it job to make sure everybody else is taking the adequate precautions in preserving the earth.

It would make a Muslim to do practical things such as recycling paper and bottles not just sometimes but as much as possible.Muslims believe that everything that they do on Earth will be accounted for on the Day of Judgment. It is the belief in Akhirah, life after death. This is seen in (Surah 2:59) ‘God has the key of the unseen, the treasures, the treasures none know but he. He knows whatever is on land and I the sea: no leaf falls without his knowing it; there is not a grain on the darkness of the earth, or a green or dry thing. But it is carefully noted’.

In this passage Muslims are reminded that Allah is omniscient and he is constantly aware of who is destroying his planet, he is noting every Muslims action of Earth; on the Day of Judgment he will use these to determine whether a Muslim shall proceed to heaven or to hell. This concept would affect a Muslims attitude in making them undo any action deemed bad or making it better such as to be replanting more trees to replace the ones that have been cut down and going litter hunting.The main teachings which affect Muslims attitude towards the created world is their own Source of Authority the Qu’ran which chapter (Surah) contains many passages which are direct from Allah and are inspiring Muslims on a daily bases.In (Surah 45:12-13) ‘It is Allah who has subjected the sea to you…and He has subjected to you all that is in the Heavens and the Earth’.

This means that Allah has put his trust and in Muslims and they have to care for his environment and Earth that he has put them in charge of. This passage may affect a Muslims attitude in many ways; it might make them to form organisations and charities such as the Green Peace which would focus on making the Earth as good as possible.In Islam it is believed that balance is important to Muslims survival and it doesn’t matter that Allah created people with independence and freedom it is their duty to prevent ruin and damage to the Earths resources.

This is shown in (Surah 55:7) ‘Allah has lifted the heavens up high and has set up the balance’. This would affect a Muslim attitude towards the created world in the sense that they feel that its their responsibility keep the balance set by Allah in his world. Practical things that this may cause a Muslim to do would be to protest against animal testing which is deemed cruel and another thing is to campaign to make household recycling compulsory.In Islam it is believed that Human activity is what is damaging the Worlds atmosphere.

An example of this is CFC gases. They are warming up the earth and slowly destroying the ozone layer. This is why now a majority of Muslims have are campaigning against the companies who produce and sell this gas and they have also boycotted substances containing CFC gases. This movement in Islam is supported by the Hadith ‘Live in this earth as if you were going to live forever’ This advises Muslims to think long term and opens there eyes to what would be left of the Earth if they continue how they had been doing.

Islamic and other religious communities are now promoting the use of public transport e.g. getting buses instead of using cars, ways to save energy in the home and campaigning against 4X4’s.Another Qu’ran passage that may affect a Muslims attitude towards the created world is (Surah 7:31) ‘O children of Adam!…eat and drink: but do not waste by being greedy, fro Allah does not love wasters.

‘ This passage again highlights the importance that Muslims should only take what they need and not show greediness to Allah by wasting his resources for he doesn’t like Muslims who do this. This would cause a Muslim to be more careful when using earth resources such as when brushing their teeth not leaving the tap to run, having a shower instead of a bath, recycle glass, bags and cartons and cut down on the energy used in their homes.One final passage from the Qu’ran that would affect a Muslims attitude towards the created world is (Surah 2:205) ‘When he turns his back, his aim everywhere is to spread mischief through the earth and destroy crops and cattle; but Allah loveth not mischief.

‘ This passage states that at one point Allah created the universe and it was perfect, he then handed it over to human who showed no decency and destroyed it. The fact that Allah created the universe is very important. This is why Muslims try to look after all species because they see them as equal also to receive Allah mercy when the day of Judgement comes. This would cause a Muslim to do practical things such as supporting nature reserves and picking up litter.Muslims also have attitudes towards the animals of the created world.

Some of these attitudes are shown in the Hadith.’The prophet forbade any sports which involved making animals fight each other’. Another form the Hadith is: ‘if someone kills sparrow for sport the sparrow will cry out on the day of judgement O lord that person killed for nothing he did kill me for any useful purpose.’ These quotations show that creatures were created by Allah and are his so Muslims should not harm them or kill them for no reason but repent them.

In Shari’ah law this is said along with the many other rules that they have in which animals should be killed and treated. For example an animal must die not feeling pain they would be killed by specialists. Muslims are prohibited to eat meat of haram only halal any meat killed in the wrong way said by the prophet is deemed unclean. This means that Muslims would boycott and campaign against companies that are exploiting animals in and killing them inhumanely.The Assisi Declaration was a Declaration of peace formed in Italy (Assisi) by 12 of the World major religions and their leader as well as 31 Christian communities. It stated that although people were from many different religions they should ‘come together’ as one for the goodness of humankind. This would cause a Muslim to work together with other communities and religions knowing that they aren’t alone.

Muslims can gather with their locals and do things like cleaning a lake or litter gathering.Muslims have also formed charities as a response to the created world such as the IFEES which main aims are too educate and train others on environmental issues. Taken from their website here are the main aims:* Research programmes based on Islamic perspectives.* Short, medium and long term courses.

* Workshops and training programmes.* Conferences and seminars.* Training and activities in land resource management.* Research and development into new technology.Therefore to conclude I believe that Muslims feel that were assigned as stewards on earth and to protect and guard Allah’s creations and therefore are not bound to things on this earth. They believe that if they stay detached worldly goods and items than when judgement day comes they would be favoured greatly in return by Allah and would as Earth was their test they would pass an enter after life. Therefore Muslims would try to keep the world perfect and safe like how it was when created by Allah and making it as good as possibly for future generation. They would live as if they were to live forever.

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