Explain the Major Reason for the High Dropout Rate in Schools.

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Last updated: June 14, 2019

Education is important because this would determine the extent of progress of one‘s social and economic well-being. Who would not want to have a diploma in hand and acquire a high wage job in the future? Surely, it‘s neither you nor I.

But before obtaining our diploma, our reward, hardships and problems should first be overcome. Such hardships and problems are the main causes why most high school students were unable to graduate and just drop out from school. The occurrence of high school students dropping out from school is not the student‘s fault alone but rather, this goes hand in hand with different environmental and social factors.

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While it can be said that some students possess less enthusiasm in learning, this does not imply that it is already in his nature of well-being. For why would he possess such attitude if there are no reasons at all? Lack of interest of student to a specific subject matter could be attributed to the educator‘s approach of teaching. The academe must develop a strategy to somehow capture the interest and motivate the students to work hard and earn their diploma .

If educators could make the students see the relevance of learning the different concepts in school with their future jobs then more students would persevere thus reducing the percentage of drop outs . Another problem in the learning institution is the need for better teachers. Being a better teacher does not merely center on the mastery of the subject matter but rather, a better teacher possess the sensitivity and the eye for students who needs more support? It is said that teachers are considered as second parents thus, he must be sensitive enough and draw more attention to those students who are struggling.Teachers should understand the students and be more considerate on the student‘s welfare. It is not enough that they provide only the knowledge and all the basics on a certain subject matter because some students need them not only as an educator but also a person whom they can confide some of their struggles . While some high school students can be hesitant to approach his teacher regarding matters other than schooling, the learning institution should not view this as a deficiency on the student‘s part.

The academe should still search ways on how to solve this problem. Provision of adequate school counselors to direct the students and assist them regarding their personal problems could help students improved their will to finish school. Teachers should consider that the emotional status and problems of students are aspects that influence their mind to either have the determination to finish schooling or the discouragement to do so. Proper counseling regarding this matter would provide encouragement for the students.

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