f the retractable plates close, so no harm

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Last updated: September 23, 2019

f our technology becomes reality, the way cars and streets will look will be different. If our idea is realized, a car’s internals will be drastically different. Our car will run entirely on an totaly inexhaustible energy source, solar energy.

The new car will have built in solar panels on it’s roof, so your car charges whenever you are outside. It will also have a retractable plate over the solar panels that match the shape of your car. That way, if your car is fully charged or you don’t want bird poop on your solar panels, or it’s raining, the retractable plates close, so no harm or hassle of cleaning solar panels all the time. Some people care about fashion, and we respect that.

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It wouldn’t be beautiful to have a big black rectangle with tiny squares on your car popping our of the roof(unless if your car is black). That is why we place the solar panels at a level height with the top of the roof. The solar panels won’t show unless if you are higher than the car’s roof. If you plan on getting a car that isn’t tall, such as a sports car, don’t worry.

The car includes a glass barrier between the panels and the air, tained to the color of your choice. It can be retracted or removed if you don’t want it. However, if you do use the tainted glass, the stained glass is also a magnifying glass with enough magnification to make up for the lost energy due to glasses color. If you care about quality and not fashion, you can make the most solar energy by having glass but untainted and choosing the most magnification.                                                                                   Breakthroughs In order for stuff to change we will need breakthroughs. We will have to find ways to change the energy is conserved.Cars with the most efficiency are electric cars using wind source.

Second leading is Electric cars using fossil fuels. The rest of the others are last and they use coal and other resources. That is way too expensive for most people like we said.  Many researchers say that they might have thirty six percent of all cars that are driven to be electric cars. The reason why there might be a big outburst is because we are losing many non renewable resources.

Also oil prices have gone up because we are running out of oil. We could also use solar panels to energize buildings cars and other features we use in our everyday lives. Right now we don’t just use non renewable resources to run cars. We use it to run buildings as well.

We use a lot of it in our daily lives. We can use renewable resources to help us instead of using non renewable resources. Such a great idea but it cost tremendously a lot. Even though it costs a lot we can fix that by raising taxes by half a dollar. That could give us about 175 million dollars . That is enough money to provide money to make solar panels. We also need researchers to help perfect make full potential of solar panels.

They also need a bigger salary so we could also use part of that money to add to their salary so they can work extra. Wind energy and hydroelectricity could also give a major impact. We could use wind energy to power lots of buildings,street light,etc….

 That as well would cost a lot of money. We could use some of that tax money to get the wind turbines. Hydroelectricity could help, but there is a minor chance that we will be using it today in our daily lives as electricity. We could make some Hydroelectric dams to provide some energy. We shouldn’t rely on this a lot because it costs a lot of money. You’re also trying to get solar panels and wind turbines. You won’t have enough money to build dams.

Not only that, when making hydroelectricity you, could cause flooding, which is terrible. That could happen whenever you store a lot of water and then a big storm and rainfall occurs causing floods. We believe that Hydroelectricity will not be a major factor.                                            Design Process We had some alternative ideas when we thought about our project. One was solar panels on an airplane instead of car.

We thought about that because we thought about how since airplanes are constantly in air, they would be exposed to the sun 12hrs a day, since they fly over the clouds. This idea was quickly rejected due to an overload of cons and few pros. Planes use tons of energy to fly, so a little of energy won’t help. We would be wasting a ton of money for maybe a 10% discount on plane energy. Due to this, this idea was rejected. A second idea was placing turbines at sinks drains and faucet to produce hydro electricity.

This idea was rejected because it wouldn’t be time efficient and space efficient to place an energy generator and turbine at each faucet. Our third rejected idea was ridiculous. We thought of adding solar panels at the back of every phone.

That is just terrible because phones would be bulky with generators. No one would buy one.

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