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Last updated: May 2, 2019
90 percent
What percentage of the western European population was rural during the late Middle Ages?

the black death
What caused the end of serfdom in western Europe?

unification under Christianity
Which factor was not a contributor to the doubling of the European population between 1100-1445?

Genoese traders
The Bubonic Plague was brought to Europe by

an agricultural method.
The three-field system was

one out of three western Europeans.
By the time it subsided, the Black Death had killed

had long been common in the Islamic world.
Windmills and watermills

The growth of urban areas in the Latin West
The continued growth of trade and manufacturing after 1200 resulted in

increased trade
The crucial factor to the growth of cities was

The predominant city for trade with the Far East during the Middle Ages was:

an association of craft specialists from the same trade.
A guild was

merchant banking
One of the most significant growth industries in the 14th century was:

The Hanseatic League was based in

Checking accounts, shareholding companies, money-changing, loans, and investments were offered as services.
Which of the following is true of merchant banking in the fifteenth century?

Which of the following is not a distinctive feature of the Gothic cathedral?

northern Italy.
The Renaissance began in

the recapture of southern Italy from the Byzantines and of Sicily and Toledo from the Muslims.
Some of the “lost knowledge” of the Greek and Arab world came into the Latin West through

Before they were expelled in 1492, the largest population of Jews in the West was found in

Thomas Aquinas
The most notable work in Scholasticism, the Summa Theologica, was written by:

the composition of literature in the vernacular
One of the significant features of the growth of literature in the 14-15th century was

The patronage of wealthy merchants and prelates
Which of the following fostered artistic growth in the Renaissance?

Firearms and crossbows with metal-tipped arrows
What changes transformed later medieval military technology?

It gave new rights to the peasants.
Which of the following statements about the Magna Carta is not true?

led the French to victory in a decisive battle during the Hundred Years War.
Joan of Arc

Spain’s “reconquest” and political consolidation excluded which group?

had become a permanent part of English government.
By 1500, the English Parliament

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