Fairy Tales and Psychology

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Owen adheres to the Shared-Decision Planning style of leadership. In this particular case, Owen chose friendship over shared decision making. He did not Inform any of Marina’s colleagues of the severe condition of Marina’s health. Owen also secretly changed and doctored Marina’s teaching schedule.

Neither of these decisions was on the up and up, but In reviewing the personal history between Owen and Larry Marino, one is able to understand and even excuse Owens decision.By keeping Marina’s severe heath Issues quiet from colleagues, students, parents and there administrators, Owen Is respecting the request from his friend. In any moral or ethical decision, there are always a number of ways to examine how a decision Is made. Lawrence Goldberg spent a Lifetime writing and studying moral dilemmas and why decisions are made.

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The theory holds that moral reasoning Is the foundation for all ethical behavior. Dwelled Into SIX Identifiable developmental stages, every human being makes an Informed decision based on the pros and cons of that decision.The reasoning behind the decision is more important than the decision itself. Owen used his friendship and personal feelings for Marino to greatly effect his decision to keep Marino on a full time teaching schedule, with easier more high achieving students. He kept his promise and told no one. Owens next step with be to confront his dear friend and tell him it is necessary to come clean and tell the teachers of his medical condition.

While Owen was able to support the wishes of Marino when he was performing well, he said nothing, but it is now impossible to respect his wishes. Also Marino himself said, ” that if at…

Quietly leave. “

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