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Last updated: October 8, 2019

Faith Bandler AnalysisFrancis Pham In an analysis of no more than 400 words, explain why you think this speech is important. Support your response with a close focus on purpose, ideas and rhetorical techniques. This speech is important and crucial to highlight the persisting flaw that still prevents the Aboriginal people and white Australian nation from reconciling and ultimately focuses on advancing towards this reconciliation.Bandler’s speech is important to society because the Aboriginal people were the original founding fathers of this nation, who had their society torn up by the “terra nullius” theory and white man dominance.

So it is only fair that the Aboriginal society be offered a voice and support throughout their hardship, as Martin Luther King did so for the black Americans. Ideas that Bandler draws up on her speech commence even from the beginning, starting with the title “Faith, hope, and reconciliation”.Faith is a pun played on her name, while the entire title alludes to the biblical religious connotation “faith, hope, and charity”. As the bible emphasizes the importance of charity, Bandler emphasizes the importance of reconciliation between her people and the rest of the people. Bandler draws on her own experiences in this speech and wants reconciliation between Aborigines and White Australians through the use of first person. The use of the first person also lets the speech relate to Bandler and it establishes inclusivity.

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Through the use of emotive language, Bandler further reinforces her personal connection with the speech “a little sadness… terrible utterances… terrible tragedy”. Through the combination of accumulation and the use of verbs, Bandler has reinforced the hardship which Indigenous Australians endured during the White settlement. The metaphor “those ramparts of the rugged past” further reinforces the hardships and emphasises the struggles which Aborigines were forced to endure.

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