Family, have devastating effects. Lowered self-esteem, psychopathic fear

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Last updated: May 11, 2019

Family, being closest to a person’s heart, causes a lot ofnegative and positive impacts on young minds. Adolescents are very much proneto change and are vulnerable. Parents want their children to be the trophy to show off.Especially in Pakistan Parents need everything from their children. Familymembers want their necks high with pride and arrogance while coerced childrenpush themselves as hard as possible to get the job done. Every student going toschool or college doesn’t have an equal IQ level in studies, the reason isevery boy/girl possess different skills in which he or she is an expert.Parents have too much expectations from their children, they want them to besuper human possessing all the qualities. These expectations causesinconvenience for the children, putting them in a lot of pressure, The pressureon these young people is often underrated but it can have devastatingeffects.

Lowered self-esteem, psychopathic fear of failure anddeep-rooted depression are some.  Most of the time students are forced to choose acareer not of their own choice or liking but of their parents’ and familymembers’. This kind of decision often results in depression for some studentswho are unable to understand the subjects they have to study, then thisdepression leads to suicidal attempts. Consultant Psychologist NilouferEbrahim, in her statement toTOI in 2015 said that “Parents,across all income groups, are petrified about letting their child do anythingless than engineering or other conventional courses. Awareness about newsubjects may be there, but acceptability is missing. Arts is still considered apoor cousin of science subjects, even though it offers plenty of interestingand even well-paying career options. Just a little out-of-the-box thinking isneeded.

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We need to allow our children to dream.” India has one of thehighest suicide rate, when it comes to youth. According to the research conductedin 2013;

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