Lyric Poetry Terms Multiple Choice

Simile She was as cold as an icicle is an example of what? Metaphor The fog sits on little cat feet is an example of what? Figurative Language A quilt’s different pieces of cloth can help develop the ______ in the poem. Literal Language The quilts were weapons against the cold is and example of what? Extended Metaphor My Mother pieced quilts is an example of an ——- because it

Unit 5 Poetry Terms

stanza a group of lines arranged together internal rhyme a word inside a line rhymes with another word on the same line slant rhyme imperfect rhyme, close rhyme, near rhyme rhyme scheme a pattern of rhyme (usually end rhyme, but not always); this pattern is shown with letters onomatopoeia words that imitate the sound they name alliteration consonant sounds repeated at the beginnings of words simile a comparison of two


My Father’s Song Speaker misses talking with his father. First Lesson Speaker teaching his daughter how to swim and applies it to lessons of life; growing up. Starfish Speaker is collecting starfish on the beach and wondering about their beauty and death. In-Just Speaker is celebrating the arrival of spring. Once BY the Pacific Speaker is observing an incoming storm and end of the world. Country Scene Speaker is observing

Poetry: Figurative Language Terms

Poetry: An ancient writing form that expresses thought in verse. Mood: The feeling or emotion created by a poem or story. Hyperbole: Obvious exaggeration used to emphasize a point or add excitement and humor to a story. (ex. I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse. ) Idiom: An expression that means something different from what it says. (ex. “Shake a leg!” or “You let the cat out of the


Rhyme the repetition of sounds at the ends of words rhythm the beat created by the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables example of rhythm The cat sat on the mat. repetition the use of any element of language –a sound, word, phrase, clause, or sentence –more than once. onomatopoeia the use of words that imitate sounds. examples of onomatopoeia crash,bang,hiss,splat alliteration the repetition of consonant sounds in the beginning

Poetry Study Guide

poetry Type of literature in which words are chosen arranged to created a certain effect form The way a poem is laid out on a page. The length and placement of the lines and the grouping of lines into stanzas alliteration repitition of initial consonant sounds in words assonance The repetition of vowel >sounds< within non-rhyming words sound Use of words to their auditory effect that can convey meaning and

What advice would you give to a woman who is planning to become pregnant

If you are planning to become pregnant, there are many points you must first consider, and things you must do, to ensure your baby is healthy. Firstly you need to make sure you are prepared and capable of looking after a baby. You need enough space not just for a baby, but also for all its toys, clothes and cot etc, and you need to make sure you can afford

The Roman Catholic Church

Yes it certainly is true that human life is sacred, but who has the right to say that there is human life at the moment of conception or that is over when a person can neither eat or think for themselves. Abortion is the deliberate and intentional killing of a child during its growth in the womb. It is also a major and widely debated civil rights issue, which is

The Changing Role and Status of Women in Britain Since 1900

Prior to 1900, women were given hardly any rights; they did not have the right to vote. Those that were married had even less as it was believed that all of your possessions effectively belonged to your husband, and women were very much thought as being inferior to men. Only in the 1850s and 1860s did the first women’s movement emerge in London. By 1903, there were two clear groups

Questions on Nazi Germany

Do you think that this cartoon was published in a nazi newspaper or by their opponents? Use the source and your own knowleadge to explain your answer.I think that this source is pro – Nazi firstly because the source shows poor quality meat being searved to the Germans my evidence for this is that in the source the jewish are puting a rat into the mincer.Secondly that the jews want

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