Commentary based on : “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”

Nesnesiteln� lehkost byt� is a novel written by Milan Kundera in 1982, first published in 1984 in France. For many years, it has been forbidden in the Soviet countries since it depicted the communist system very negatively. Nowadays, to most people communism seems an alien topic. Young individuals might have problems in understanding the message hidden within this literary work.The main plot consists of the lives of four Czechoslovakians living

The invisible man summary

Wells, sometimes called the father’ of science fiction, in 1897. The story takes place in an ordinary village among ordinary people In the south of England about a hundred years ago. One winter’s day, a strange figure arrives at the Inn In the small village of Ping. Mrs. Hall, the landlady, Is pleased to have a winter guest and makes sure he has everything he needs. When the visitor takes

The Founder of a New Species

Strindberg controversial presentation of Jean In the preface, Jean is referred to as the founder of a new species’ , which interested me. Strindberg opinions regarding the boundaries people are confined to due to their class were biased. He proudly expressed his opinion on males being able to rise above females regardless of these boundaries; and attempts to show this through the character of Jean by presenting him as the

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime by: mark Haddam Written question choice: C. The author of this story uses foreshadowing several times in this fascinating book. An example is when Christopher discovers numerous of letters from his mother addressed to only him. These letters, along with a book that he was writing in, were hidden inside of his father’s bedroom closet. Christopher grew curious so, he took

The Curious Incident of the dog in the night time

Had always conceptualized her as this frail, cunning yet strong woman and when she would see me, tears would follow the lines of this old and craggy face, which held so many secrets. She would welcome me with open arms and my conceptualization would turn Into this reality of a devoted and tentative mother who is perfect In every way, almost like a goddess that I had never had the

The darkness beckoned

He stared out of the window. The trees tangoed to the soft tune of the wind. The branches swayed seductively in a way that only an erotic belly dancer could imitate. His eyes were held by the branch, transfixed, mesmerised. Then, he shook his head and his eyes continued to roam over the desolate, dense mass his mother called a garden. An owl hooted in the distance, but he didn’t

Sonya the Pitbull

Inside this spacious room were kennels that had between 2 and 4 dogs in them. A couple of them only had 1 lonely dogs in them. This made me feel happy and sad being in this place. It made me happy because it brought In otherwise foodless, shelters, stray dogs Into a clean, disinfected, warm place to stay but on the other hand It made me sad because It made

How effective do you think this scene is as an introduction to the rest of the play

The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedie of Romeo and Juliet the full name of a play to which for 400 years every other romantic tragedy has been compared “for never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo”. A story of forbidden love between two so young but also of hate between two houses ages old and how it destroys the hearts and minds of

The Fox/The Shepherd

Orchard a field or farm where fruit trees are grown.My grandfather has an _______ with wonderful fruit trees. Juicy when something has a lot of juice. The grapes are very _______! crouched to bend your legs and lower your body  The tiger _______ before he jumped! jaws the two bones between your nose and your chin that hold your teeth. My dog has very strong ______. Snapped to bite or grab something suddenly

tag questions

you’re Brazilian, ____________? aren’t you? Brazilians like samba, ____________? don’t they? we’re going out next Saturday, ___________? aren’t we? you can speak English, ____________? can’t you? you had breakfast this morning, __________? didn’t you? she’ll travel next month, __________? won’t she? Mary likes chocolate, ___________? doesn’t she? you’re married, ___________? aren’t you? you’ve been to Paris, __________? haven’t you? you don’t speak French, ___________? do you? my friends didn’t book

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