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The time period in which this novel is set is vital to its overall understanding. The Scarlet Letter was written in the Romantic Era of American literature, and despite the fact that adultery is deceitful in any way shape or form, it was particularly in this day and age. This era can be described as the “seventeenth century sexual repression and hypocrisy,” (Zabarenko PG), and for Hawthorne to choose such

New American Poetry and Realism

William Dean Howells 1837-1920 Frank Norris 1870-1902 Henry James 1843-1916 Fredrick Douglas Battle with Mr. Covey Bret Harte Wrote about accounts of interesting people around the country William Dean Howells Father of Realism William Dean Howells Editor of the Boston magazine The Atlantic Monthly Frank Norris The Octopus – struggles between farmers and the railroad Henry James Considered America’s greatest psychological novelist William Dean Howells Believed realism should depict the

Most definitions from Poetry Foundation

denotation The dictionary definition of a word connotation All the meanings, associations, or emotions that a word suggests figurative language/figures of speech non literal use of language/simile, metaphor, symbol etc. imagery Elements of a poem that invoke any of the five senses to create a set of mental images. Specifically, using vivid or figurative language to represent ideas, objects, or actions. Poems that use rich imagery include T.S. Eliot’s “Preludes,”

Poetry Exam

Pastoral Poem any poem about rural people or rural settings The Passionate Shepherd to His Love Man’s view; romantic; assured tone; expressions of the heart The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd Woman’s view; realistic; doubtful tone; expressions of the mind Shepherd and Nymph Pastoral; 6 stanzas, 4 lines each; AABB rhyme scheme Interior Monologue one technique for presenting the stream of consciousness of a character; records the internal emotional experience

AP Lit Poetry Terms

accent placement of stress on certain syllables ambiguity multiplicity of meanings anapest two unaccented syllables followed by an accented syllable anaphora repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of 2+ sentences in a row antithesis balance of parallel word groups conveying opposite ideas apostrophe a direct address to an object, an animal, an idea or an absent person as if they are capable of hearing it assonance repetition

A service of Baptism in a tradition with which you are familiar

Roman Catholics celebrate seven sacraments Baptism, First Confession, First Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, Holy orders and Blessing of the sick. The first sacrament they celebrate is ‘baptism’. Baptism comes from a Greek word, baptizein, meaning to dip or plunge. Roman Catholics believe that sacraments are signposts towards God “Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved: Whoever does not believe will be condemned.” Mark 16:16 C. M. Jones et al (1992)

The Detriment of Divorce

The reasons for divorce are many. Some of these reasons are very obvious, while other reasons are not so clear. No matter what the reasons, the effects are rarely good for anyone involved. Not only are there tremendous emotional stresses on the adults, but there are usually financial issues as well. In addition, the smallest, but in reality the biggest, victims of the tragedy of divorce are the children. Divorce

Marriage Paper

In marriage, a few marriage vows are taken these vows are there to guide and help a marriage work out. These are not the only reasons that should be followed but there are many reasons that could change a Christian marriage and there are different situations in marriage that are dealt in different ways. To go more into the guide of marriage and about different marriage situations. There are different

Religion and Relationships

Christians believe that marriage is instituted by and ordained by God for the lifelong relationship between one as a husband and one woman as a wife. In the New Testament marriage is thought of as normal and proper. It is to be “held in honour among all.” Christians get married in a Church. They read from the Bible and say prayers. They give each other rings; these are symbols of

The Amish have a distinctive culture

Did you know that the Amish when they are in a relationship would bundle? This means to sleep with your clothes on (strange, I know). In this essay I will be trying to find out if the Amish way of life leads to a better way of life than our own. The Amish can trace their religious heritage back to the Swiss Anabaptists during 16^th century Europe. During this time

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