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Last updated: March 26, 2019

Fashionhas always been an innovative, vibrant and evolving industry. Over the last fewdecades, the fashion retail industry has grown rapidly. The innovation oftechnology and internet have been major contributors for this growth. The birthof digital technology has helped spread fashion trends and styles amongst avariety of consumers. People are now reciprocating more towards the fashion industryfrom different countries. This has also provided a bigger platform for thefashion companies to expand their business and grow successfully.

 Fashionmarketing is the process of decision making, analyzing, developing andmarketing current fashion trends into sales strategies. Fashion marketingtrends and techniques have now been put into effective use due to the inventionof the internet. There has been a heavy usage of this invention by the masspublic. Afterthe rapid growth in technology, there has been a high rise in a variety offactors like advertising, digitization, usage of social media, ecommerce,omni-channels etc. Digitization has successfully captured a huge market aroundthe globe. It has provided a better connectivity between countries and other sectorslike corporate businesses, services, transportation, people and differentcultural diversities. Therehas been a tremendous rise in the retail industry leading to a massive growth inthe consumer buying behavior towards the apparel and accessory sector. Astechnology has advanced rapidly over the years, there have been severalmarketing trends, techniques and strategies which are used by many different businessestoday.

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The fashion industry has now been one of the major business industrieshaving a huge turnover since the past few decades, in countries like U.S.A,United Kingdom, France, Italy, India and China.  Fashionmarketing trends have now become one of the very crucial aspects for thefashion business in today’s world. Mobile E-commerce would be the first fashionmarketing trend that would be a major influence for the global fashion industryin the next five years. As per past research, a number of fashion companieshave started investing heavily in fashion e-commerce, gaining world-widepopularity.

Companieslike Zara, Forever21, and H have invested in their own fashion e-commercewebsites which has benefitted them in making huge profits world-wide. Thegrowth of fashion online e-tailing has resulted in the birth of Mobile E-commerce(M-Commerce). Since smart phones have become one of the most dominating gadget’sin today’s era, a vast population over the world has access towards a lot ofinformation. Apartfrom shopping in retail stores, consumers have now started to take keen interestin online shopping. Online shopping applications like Amazon and ASOS are nowmade available on mobile phones as well, which has provided a betterconnectivity and further access towards the products for its customers. As pera survey by E-marketer, there has been an estimation of a rise in mobile phoneusers over 4.

78 billion worldwide by 2020 (Author:RajeshDeenadalayan ; April 2017 Reference taken:–trends-in-fashion-industry). This would definitely lead to amassive growth in the increase of mobile e-commerce.

Fashion companies woulduse this opportunity to its maximum level to gain profit by providing theircustomers with online shopping applications on smartphones. Since a mobilephone has provided connectivity to omni-channels like viewing products,purchasing and delivering by one click, these steps have made it a lot easierfor the customers to use multiple applications. Mobile E-commerce is all set toinfluence the fashion international business in upcoming years.  Socialmedia marketing would be the second most influential fashion marketing trendover the next five years for the global fashion industry. So far, the socialmedia marketing trends have complimented the fashion industry to a greatextent. Social media marketing was one of the very first marketing trends tobring a positive impact in the fashion business industry. Socialmedia applications like Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, Pinterest and twitterhave helped fashion companies and famous fashion icons to connect with theircustomers in a better way! Luxurious brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry,Chanel have gained better success and popularity after creating their own Facebookpages where the public have an access to like the page and follow the upcomingcollections and events of the brand. Theintroduction of live streaming has also become a major marketing strategy thatis provided on Facebook and Instagram where fashion icons and companies caninteract with their fans and customers.

Thishas indeed created a better platform for the companies to interact with theircustomers. Other applications like twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat have alsomanaged to create a huge buzz in the fashion market where people are able toconnect with their favorite brands and even purchase products on these socialmedia sites. The upcoming years would have more numbers of social media usersfrom various countries that would help the brands connect with their customers.Socialmedia marketing would possibly come up with many more applications in thefuture to provide a better access of a variety of international fashioncompanies to their customers. Hence social media trends would be moreinfluential in the next five years.

 Thesefashion marketing trends mentioned above could face a few challenges like lackof knowledge about the product in terms of its touch and feel that one gets inretail outlets. People from quite a few developing or under-developed countriesare yet to adapt to social media or mobile e-commerce completely. Hence thesemarketing trends could face a few glitches for a certain number of populationto get comfortable with the online marketing process. These are tiny hurdlesthat could be worked upon by the fashion companies by effectively using thesemarketing strategies gain more customers in the future.  Sofar, the fashion industry has made use of the internet to a great extent. Bythe use of omni-channels, online e-commerce and social media applications. Thishas led to progressive growth world-wide and would continue to grow at higherrate in the upcoming years. The above mentioned marketing techniques would seekhigh growth rate in the upcoming years, helping international fashion companiessucceed and connect better with customer across the globe.


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