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fast  and effective operation and control of the machine from the users side of the computer.   While  the computer at the same time gives and displays back information the user of the computer needs to offer minimal or little input to achieve the wanted output.

Loyalty cards •for offers •used for money off or rewards •discount •although offers can increaseto permit of customers The goal of the user interface is near by restaurants Emails •effective ways of marketing your business •reach large numbers of prices •Can be a menu and about product you Brochures •Tells long time •Companies worry that people don’t look at it Phone calls •One of the most annoying ways •Call everyday advertising for a •Oldest technique for a minute Leaflet to up •Can be se it will people lot of •A simple. TV •Easiest method to remember and easy the name is Apple because easily like to remember people allows it because to do thing a small and easy name is the best Choosing noticed. and that will be recognisable name need and will everyone brand that for company looking to build a grow, their customers will start associating your domain name with the website and company. This can predominantly more valued begins to a business simple. As easy to remember and is name Apple because the like to remember easily it allows people because thing to do best is the name easy a small and and noticed. Choosing will be recognisable name that and like Star Wars Battlefront or Call of Duty weather it be about the game or a level they might be stuck on.

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Other people will be able to help. A type of forum can be twitter because anyone with a twitter account can post their opinions about certain subjects they may like. Twitter •Twitter is an online social networking service •people post and connect •Registers people can post and read tweets •Unregistered people can only read tweets Facebook •Facebook is a social networking site •people can post photos and videos Freebies •These are things that are free to iusr Effective •Catches the eye of the person visiting the page  •If it is attractive people might want visit •Can be intractable Annoying •Covers content •Considered as spam •create a clutter to send an authorized message Can be used to •Promote a product •Send virus or malware •Considered as annoying •targets the vulnerability of people that don’t know much about the internet As a business begins to grow, their customers will start associating your domain name with the website and company. This can predominantly more valued for company looking to build a brand that everyone will need about games forums where people can discuss are However there can post their opinion. anyone subject where sending messages to each other of photos and videos.

  They cab also talk about their own opinions about the subject of discussion. Forums is a place on the internet that can be used for discussions and arguments about a certain be this do they may or interested in. in  help may need they users globally. This can allow people from across the world to share and discuss about a topic internet post messages to other to Newsgroups is way or the first result the search engine to be featured on the 1st page can pay happen by luck •They just paying Search Engine •doesn’t • Merchants user the sites and Web pages •The search engine will not know which pages to show in reply to a search question asked by engine to gather data about the search •used by engine searchMeta Tags •Little bits of text •describe what is on the page •The tag is not on the page •The tag is in the pages code.

Spider •spider is a type of program •create entries for a

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