Female rapid contractions of a kind, the orgasm

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Last updated: February 25, 2019

FemaleMasturbation: All you need to know about self-love.Womenmasturbation is the sexiest way to stimulate and please yourself. There is noshame in masturbation.

It’s the best way to have an orgasm and who doesn’t likethat feeling, a bit shaking a volcano-like eruption of uncontrollable orgasm.Every lady requires having maximum pleasure and satisfaction.  Enjoy, touch your body, the breast, andvagina, and spread your labia. You may use a lubricant or even saliva to rubthe clitoris and the vagina. Insert a couple of fingers into the vagina.Tighten and relax your muscles, and in rapid contractions of a kind, the orgasmis about to happen. Masturbation requires no rush, focus on what is going ininside you, or fantasize during the act the person who gave you the best sex ofyour lifetime.Masturbationis good for your health since it has a lot of physical and mental healthbenefits.

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It helps in exploring different desires. Despite the possibility ofaddiction, there are no harmful side effects. Hence masturbation is not bad foryour health.

Masturbation addiction problem is if you prefer masturbation orspend a lot of time doing it that you:- Skip yourdaily routine or chores.Missing workand your classes.Missingimportant social event and canceling plans with people.Talk therapycan manage the addiction or distract your mind by taking a walk, spending timewith friends, going for a run or writing a journal.  HealthBenefits for masturbation.

Research hasshown that there are numerous benefits associated with masturbation for women.Masturbation can:- •    Reduce menstrual cramps and musclestension. •    No fear of STDs or pregnancy.•    Release sexual tension.

•    Reduce built up stress. •    Help you sleep better since it easesmuscles tension.•    Improve body image & self-esteem.

•    Help treat sexual problems.•    Boost your mood. •    Causes lower chances of accidental urineleakage.

How often isit advisable to masturbate?Doing itmore than once a day can cause temporary numbness but it’s not likely. You arethe only person who can determine the frequency of your masturbation. As longas you are a living a healthy life, there is nothing like the ideal number oftimes one should masturbate.Masturbationand heart health.Masturbationincreases blood pressure and heart rate which is similar to exercise.Masturbation is neither particularly good for the heart nor particularly bad.

It’s like any other mild exercise. It does not rate the heartbeat for long tobe considered as aerobic. However, orgasm and build-up of sex can cause anissue with weak hearts and increased blood pressure, and heart rate can causeheart palpitation. Masturbationacts as a stress reliever.Masturbationbreak is efficient at work and a great way to relieve tension and stress.

Masturbation can lead to high productivity, less aggression, and more smiling. Reasons whywomen masturbate.•    Masturbation is the excellent way forself-discovery.•    Masturbation is the greatest act offeminism.•    Masturbation makes a woman be in herhighest of spirt. It helps Frustration, anger, boredom, and depressiondisappear.

If one can’t afford a therapist, masturbation is the best option.•    Its empowering since women can cum withouteven penetration just by clitoris stimulation.•    It helps a woman determine what she likesand what she dislikes and what helps her cum. •    It gives a woman confidence. It makes awoman be in control by guiding her partner on what makes her feel good.

•    Masturbation is the end of fake orgasm.•    It helps women realize that sex is aboutthem too.     

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