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Last updated: August 13, 2019

Festivals of Like a Sweet Every nation has a wide variety of festivals.

The features of festivals reflect the culture of a nation. The festivals include not only cultural effect, but also a religious content. Eid Ramadan, which is a religious Bairam for the Muslims, and Halloween, which is quite popular among the Christians, are good examples for this kind of festival. Just like Eid Ramadan, Halloween unite people with different nations. Although these two festivals have a few similarities, they have many differences. Eid Ramadan and Halloween have a few things in common.The first similarity in both festivals children knock the doors in their neighborhood and ask for sweets.

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The other similarity is, the uniting feature of them. During these festivals people concatenate families are in contact each other more than usual. In Eid Ramadan, the younger visit the elderly and neighbors like Halloween. On the other hand, both of them differ from each other in many ways. The first difference is both children and parents wear new clothes in Eid Ramadan unlike Halloween. Everybody wears many various costumes in Halloween such as vampire, rincess costumes etc.In Halloween the other differences is the celebrations during these festivals parties with horror theme are held unlike Eid Ramadan. Families pay a visit to each other and eat sweets, especially, baklava in Eid Ramadan.

To sum up, although they are celebrated by different nations, their basic purpose is the same, which is uniting people. At the same time, they share several common features. All in all, two popular festivals celebrated in different cultures. Eid Ramadan and Halloween have not only same similarities but also many differences.

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