Fifteen they argue. He always compares the things

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Last updated: March 22, 2019

Fifteen years after the depressing and life changing death of a sweet typical school girl named Hannah Baker. She had done her own silent revenge to the people who made her take her own life to the next chapter. Those people did not know that they would affect her life, so they continued to do their awful mistakes and ignored what she was feeling inside. They were all miserably affected by what she did and what she made.

So everyone wanted to move on and wanted to forget every distress and dreadful events that happened during those days.  The only choice left to do for them was to go on with life and not do the same thing that she did.             After hearing the tapes she recorded and after knowing what really happened why she did it, he was devastated and began to somewhat blame himself because of not noticing that she was in a deep pain and was going through a lot of life’s complications through the days that they were spending time with each other. She did not know how much he wanted to bring back time to make things better with her and show her that he really cared.

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Even though he was emotionally unstable at that moment 15 years ago, he decided to continue his life knowing that he would not forget her voice, her smile, her laugh, and her reason why. He started to step forward and wanted to get back with his normal life. He also wanted to get to know his schoolmate since who knows when named Skye because she was the only one who stayed with him during his mournful stage of his life.           Clay is mostly the reason why they argue. He always compares the things Skye does with Hannah. He clearly did not forget about her and he is still not over her. But he is trying, trying to forget her and focus on Skye who has been there every time he needs her.

Skye knows that he is still cares about Hannah and she also knows that he cannot forget Hannah. But that’s her sacrifice, Skye loves Clay so much and she will do anything for him even though she’s hurt.  Clay did not know what to do, he was so confused if he was going to stay or just let her leave him like what Hannah did. But there is only one thing that he is sure of, he does not want to be another reason why. 

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