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Last updated: April 2, 2019

“The Others” starring Nicole Kidman, as Grace, the Catholic mistress/mother, is said to be a scary ghost film.

It’s also a film about denial. The certificate is a fifteen. The film takes place on the island of Jersey, in the English Channel, shortly after the Second World War ended.Have you ever been left in a house totally alone and continually hearing sounds, like creeks of doors, and smashing of plates and glasses and not knowing where they’re coming from? Well this is what this female character experienced.As she desperately and determinedly tries to search for the source of the mysterious sounds that keep occurring in empty rooms, she can never seem to find it. To make matters worse she has lost her husband she had been waiting for to return from the war – a conflict for which he volunteered. This abandonment is the source of much unstated grief and reproach and is now left behind with her two children and the house!Grace is a nervous, contrary and short-tempered character.

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Nicholas is cowering, placid, demanding on his mama’s attentions and affections; Anne is clever, mature, and contemptuous of the silliness of children and grownups.Firstly at the beginning of the film, she in a panic-stricken and in a horrendous manner screams in the darkness. This opening immediately set the mood of the film. Then to further add to this scary situation, the house has to be kept pitch-black, because of the children’s photosensitive condition means they must always be locked indoors, exposed to nothing stronger than candlelight.

As the story evolves she continues to search the house, and while searching, a significant effect of petrifying music plays in the background, so all these effects suit the theme/mood. All throughout the film this is how her life was while living at the house. The unusual and different thing about the film is the lighting, all throughout the film there is darkness. As the children start to hear and see people, Grace does not believe them until she herself can hear strange noises and voices. Is he becoming hysterical? She tried everything she could do, however nothing helped nor worked. So when it became unbearable she resolved in going to the police.

..On her way her dead husband appeared alive in front of her…

She hugs and invite him back home.Nevertheless, things didn’t change…it just became even more tense and make you even more breathless due to the fear that this film makes rise in you. The director and writer Alejandro Amenabar slowly unravels the thread that will explain the mystery.

He does not want to frighten the living daylights out of you!It’s an excellent suspense film that makes you want to keep on watching until you find out. So, still interested???…Well watch this great, amazing, nerve cracking, good acting/dramatic film “The Others.”

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