Final Exam

The Beat
The basic unit of rhythm that divides time into equal segments is called:
Meter is marked off in groupings known as:
The deliberate shifting of the accent to a weak beat or an offbeat is called:
The simultaneous use of two or more rhythmic patterns is called:
An Interval
The distance and relationship between two tones is referred to as:
In western music, the octave is divided into how many equal intervals?
C-Sharp or D-flat
On the piano, the black key between the white keys C and D is called:
With which era is chromatic music most frequently associated?
A microtone
An interval smaller than the semitone, or half step, is called:
Which symbol represents the tonic chord?
The three basic triads in the Western musical system are the tonic, the dominant, and the:
A texture consisting of a single, unaccompanied line is called:
When two or more independent melodic lines are combines, the resulting texture is called:
A texture in which a single voice takes over the melodic interest while the accompanying voiced are subordinate is called:
A simple and familiar type of canon is called a:
What quality of a work of art describes its structure or shape?
Repetition and Contrast
The basic structural concepts in the element of form are:
The technique by which performers create music on the spot is known as:
The form based on a statement and a departure without a return to the complete opening statement is called:
A basic technique in thematic development is the fragmentation of themes into:
A motive
The smallest fragment of a theme that forms a melodic-rhythmic unit is called:
Call and response
A singing style that features a leader who is imitated by a group is called:
Which marking is appropriate for a slow tempo?
An Instrument
A mechanism that generates musical vibrations and launches them into the air is called:
What voice type has the lowest range?
Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass
Which order is correct of bowed string instruments from highest to lowest in range?
The special effect produced on a string instrument by plucking the string with the finger is called:
The guiter
What is not a member of the bowed string family?
John Philip Sousa was famous as a composer of:
Which general term suggests something of the overall character of a work as well as its function?
Oral Transmission
The preservation of music without the help of written notation is called:
Characteristic manner of presentation of a work.
Musical Style is best defined as the:
followed the baroque and preceded and the Romantic era:
The classical period:
There is no Harmony
Why does Gregorian chant sound so different from other types of Western Music?
Hildegard of Bingen
Which of the following women was a religious leader and a prominent figure in literature and music?
The Virgin Mary
Which religious figure is praised in the text of Hildegard’d Alleluis, O virga mediatrix?
Where was the madrigal first developed?
an exclusively religious orientation
Which of the following does NOT describe Renaissance thought?
Josquin’s Ave Maria…Virgo serena is an example of the:
Lutheran Church service
The sacred cantata was an integral part of the:
Unison choir, unison strings, and continuo
The fourth movement of Bach’s cantata Wachet auf has three musical lines:
Which of the following in Handel’s most famous oratorio, frequently preformed today?
The oratorio
George Frederic Handel is considered a master of:
The first era of Western music history in which instrumental music was a major focus for composers was the:
The instrumental form based on contrast of two dissimilar bodies of sound is called a:
The opening movement of Spring, from The four Seasons, is in:
An Ostinato Rhythm
In slow movement of Spring, from The Four Seasons, Vivaldi evokes evokes a dog barking through:
The Piano
Which of the following was NOT an important keyboard intrument during the Baroque?
The_________ is a keyboard instrument whose subject is not heard are called:
In a fugue, the areas of relaxation where the subject is not heard are called:
How many preludes and fugues are contained in the two Well-Tempered Clavier volumes?
The second voice from the top, or alto
In which voice is the subject first heard in Contrapunctus I, from The Art of Fugue?
A composer can fragment a theme by dividing it into smaller units called:
Which of the following genres does NOT usually follow the general structure of a multimovement cycle?
Which of the following was NOT a major composer of string quartets?
Prince Esterhazy
Who was Haydn’s principal patron?
Quick crescendos and the four-movement cycle for symphonies were developed in:
In the Classical orchestra, which group of instruments was the ensemble’s nucleus?
The nickname “Father of the symphony” was earned by:
Haydn composed the Military Symphony for his second visit to______.
The three main sections sonata-allegro form appears when the tonic returns at the:
The psychological climax of sonata-allegro form appears when the tonic returns at the:
Which composer rebelled against the patronage system and struggled to achieve financial independence?
A typical feature of a concerto is a free solo passage without orchestral accompaniment called the:
The poet Rellstab shortly after the composer’s death.

Beethoven’s Piano Sonata in C-Sharp minor, Op. 27, No.2 was subtitled Moonlight by:
All of the above[teaching music lessons, publishing his music, giving public concerts.]
Beethoven supported himself through:
Beethoven’s career is often divided into________ compositional periods.
Opera seria
During the Classical era, the prevalent form of opera, which contained many recitatives and arias designed to display virtuosity, was called:
The rigid conventions of opera seria were shaped largely by:
It mixes elements of opera seria and opera buffa.
Which of the following descriptions characterizes the story of Don Giovanni?
Modified Strophic
A song form in which the main melody is repeated for two or three stanzas but introduces new or significantly varied materiel when the text requires it is called:
Schubert’s song Elf-king is a setting of a ballad written by:
Frederic Chopin
Which composer is known as the “poet of the piano”?
Johann Wolfgang von Geothe
The manuscript for Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel’s September: At the River, from The Year, has poetic lines by:
Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel’s September: At the River, from The Year is in________ form.
Popular songs sung in a country’s native language
What is venacular music?
Program Music
Instrumental music endowed with literary, philosophical, or pictorial associations is called:
String Quartet in B-flat Major
Which of the following compositions is LEAST likely to be an example of program music?
Program Symphony
A multimovement, programmatic work for orchestra is called a:
The basic theme of the symphony, heard in every movement.
In Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique, what is the idee fixe?
A symphonic poem
A one-movement piece of program music for orchestra that, through several contrasting sections, develops a peotic idea or suggests a scene or mood is called:
All of the Above[Smetana’s finest achievement in orchestral music, a river that flows through Bohemia, a nationalist work.]
The Moldau is:
The most important organizing element in absolute music is:
The aristocratic palace to the public concert hall.
By the Romantic Era, concerts had moved from:
How many movements does typical Romantic symphony contain?
Robert Schumann
Brahms was recognized as a future leader in music by:
Clara Schumann
Brahms maintained a lifelong, close relationship with:
Which of the following operas is NOT by Verdi?
The ensemble that follows “La donna e mobile” in Act III of Rigoletto is a:
Medieval German epics
Wagner chose to base his early operas on:
Wagner’s cycle of four music dramas is called:
The Ring of the Nibelung
The concept of a total artwork in which all the arts—music, poetry, drama, visual spectacle–are fused together is called:
Which composer’s musical language was based on chromatic harmony?
Fallen heros
What did the Valkyries carry on their horses?
Only professional singers participated in nineteenth-century choruses.
Which of the following statements about Romantic choral music is NOT true?
Frederic Chopin
Which of the following composers did NOT make major contribution to choral literature?
Understated emotions
Which of the following does NOT characterize the Libera me: Dies irae section of Verdi’s Requiem?
Luminous, shimmering colors
Which of the following best describes the effect achieved by Impressionist painting?
The French movement in poetry that revolted against traditional modes of expression is called:
Claude Debussy
Impressionism in music is best exemplified by the works of:

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