Final first semester

What does carpe diem mean?
seize the day

Why does Mr.

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Keating teach his students carpe diem?

So they make the most of each day

Why do we study poetry?
Because we are members of the human race: because love, romance, beauty…those are the things we live for.

What is the Dead Poet’s Society
A group of students who sneak out of school to read poetry.

Where does the DPS meet?
In an old “Indian” cave

What does Neil want to do that his father will most likely disapprove of?
Try out for the play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

Who is Knox infatuated with?


Keating says, “Just don’t let your poems be….”


Who is the poet Mr. Keating uses to help Todd write his poem?
Walt Whitman

What instrument does Charlie play?

What poem does Mr. Keating use to make his point about everyone being different while walking in the courtyard? and who wrote it?
The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

What do Todd’s parents give him for his birthday?
a desk set

What is Charlie’s new name?

What type of punishment does Nuwanda receive?

What does Mr.

Keating think the purpose of education is?

to learn to think for themselves

There is a time for daring, there is a time for_____________________ said Mr. Keating

Why does Neil go to Mr. Keating for help
He wants advice on how to approach his father about the play.

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