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Through out history at that place has been a battle for African Americans to be accepted in our society. An African American endures many more disadvantages than most white people. The media and other beginnings have made inkinesss to look the same and has portrayed them in a certain visible radiation that may non be suiting to all inkinesss. There are many misconceptions that people have of inkinesss. Many people and organisations have had a portion in conveying equality and contending for equal rights for black people. African Americans have been at a immense disadvantage in America from the beginning.Unlike many other minority groups in America. African Americans in many instances were brought here by force and non by there ain will.

( 000000 ) The first African Americans came to America in the 17th century and were instantly forced to work for White persons. After much convulsion and even a civil war Blacks were eventually given there freedom with the Emancipation announcement signed and ratified in 1863. Even after the announcement some inkinesss were still enslaved and freed inkinesss had small to no chance.The battle continued into the following century as inkinesss eventually received the right to vote with the confirmation in of the 15th amendment. The twentieth century contained a universe filled by a segregated America between Whites and inkinesss through jim crow Torahs that existed that restricted inkinesss from interacting with Whites. With a history like that it is no admiration that African Americans still have disadvantages in our modern twenty-four hours. America today is known as the state of chance. Although there are many chances out there it seems that there are more chances for some groups more than others.

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Many companies and corporations still use race as a index for engaging employees. In one survey done by the National Bureau of Economic Research. people with common black names were less likely to be called back for an interview based on there application entirely so black people with common white sounding names. Job appliers with white sounding names needed to direct out 10 applications to acquire one call back while applications with common black names needed to direct out approximately 15 to acquire one answer. ( Francis. World Wide Web. nber.

org/digest. com ) .The research was done withe sketchs of the same makings. It is easy to see that Black people are invariably bombarded by inequality in the work force. If there were inequalities merely based on names of appliers merely conceive of the inequality when employers really see the race of the appliers. Black Americans have been stereotyped for old ages and go on to be today. The media is one great beginning of portraying African Americans in certain functions.

African Americans are portrayed as felons. drug traders and sex wrongdoers in many cases.Many Africans are outraged at how they are portrayed in the media.

Protest groups such as the Young African Americans Against Media Stereotypes have done what they can to demo at that place stance on stereotyped media portraiture. “Majority of the clip you see a immature Afro-american male in the media he is singing. knaping. hiting a touchdown.

diping a hoops or perpetrating a crime” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. yaaams. com/ ) Many stereotypes about black people are improbably false. Many people still think that black people are merely good at certain things like music and athleticss.This is a really false belief and black people have contributed to a great extent to all different kinds of Fieldss. Many critical innovations that we use on an mundane bases were invented by black people. The dust swab.

pencil sharpener. typewriter. and lift were all invented by black people. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. black-network. com ) Our society would non be what it is if it were non for Garret Morgan.

the immature Black adult male who invented the traffic visible radiation. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. infoplease. com/spot/bhmcensus1. hypertext markup language.

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