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Last updated: May 1, 2019
1. Which of the following terms refers to the system of rules and regulations that labor and management fashion to define their specific employment rights and obligations in the workplace? a. posturingb.

industrial jurisprudencec. framingd. successorship

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Union officers and committee personnel may be given preferred seniority rights for layoff and recall situations. This is referred to as ________.a. departmental seniorityb.

superseniorityc. plant-wide seniorityd. classification seniority


3. The general purpose of the ________ Act is to warn workers and local communities of plant closing or mass layoff decisions by requiring employers to provide advance notice in either situation.a. Servicemen’s Readjustmentb. Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notificationc. National Labor Relationsd.

Selective Training and Service


4. The use of employee teams is encouraged when the team offers synergy, which means that ________.a. decisions made by employee teams are more likely to be implemented than decisions made by individualsb.

the production of the team is greater than the sum of the production possible with individuals c. the levels of cohesion within smaller teams are greater than the levels of cohesion between employees in a departmentd. most of the people making up the team are more interested in the performance of the team than in individual performance


5. Which of the following factors is most likely to be a predictor of the success of a team within an organization? a.

the level of autonomy provided to a teamb. the long-term business strategy of the organizationc. the size of the teamd. the profitability of the organization


6. Which of the following points must be shown to prove that an employee involvement program is in violation of the Wagner Act?a. The entity created by the program is not controlled by the employer.

b. The entity created by the program is a labor organization.c. The entity created by the program includes union members.


7. For a committee or group to be considered a “labor organization” at least one of its purposes should be to deal with the employer on the issue of ________.a.

discrimination by raceb. indemnity bonds c. hours of employmentd.

preferential hiring


8. If there is a change in either a collective bargaining representative or an employer, parties to an unexpired collective bargaining agreement may not be certain of their status. Which of the following terms is used by the courts to refer to these situations? a. lockoutb. commitment escalationc. arbitrationd. successorship


In unionized organizations, agreements often specify ________ as the sole decision criterion in layoff and recall situations. This method is generally promoted by employees but not favored by employers. a. ageb. qualificationsc. seniorityd. performance


10. The NRLB protects the right of employees to distribute union literature ________.

a. during working times and at the workplaceb. during nonworking times and at nonworking areasc. during working times and at nonworking areasd. during nonworking times and at the workplace


11. The 24-hour rule prohibits ________ within 24 hours of a scheduled election.a. the distribution of union material in working areasb.

organizational campaign speeches on company time c. access to employees by union representativesd. surveillance of union members


12. Which of the following activities related to organizing a bargaining unit is an unfair labor practice? a. not letting nonemployees solicit union support outside of working time on employer’s premise if union has any other accessb. not letting employees distribute union material outside of working time in nonworking areasc.

not letting employees solicit union support during working time on or off of employer’s premisesd. not allowing use of a bulletin board and meeting halls for any non-job-related business


13. Which of the following actions by an employer is most likely to be considered a violation of the NLRA?a. not allowing employee use of a company bulletin board b.

providing financial support to a unionc. forming a joint labor-management team to consider employment issuesd. granting benefits during campaign consistent with past practice as to timing and amount


14. Which of the following terms refers to the employer’s conduct that is not motivated, or at least not entirely motivated, by legitimate and substantial business reasons, but by a desire to penalize or reward employees for union activity or lack of it?a. sickoutb. concerted activityc. antiunion animusd.

surface bargaining


15. A ________ strike refers to an economic strike conducted by a minority of the workers without the approval of the union and in violation of a no-strike clause in an existing contract.a. wildcatb.

groundc. sickoutd. general


16. When a strike is called because two unions are in dispute as to whose workers deserve the work, it known as a ________ strike.a. featherbeddingb.

recognitionalc. jurisdictionald. rolling


Which of the following types of strikes involves a union trying to pressure the employer to make work for union members through the limitation of production, increasing the amount of work to be performed, or other make-work arrangements?a. featherbeddingb. recognitionalc. jurisdictionald.



18. ________ is a practice where union officials pressure organizers into disclosing sensitive personal information. This information is recorded on a piece of paper and then the organizers are strongly urged to tell their personal stories of abuse or neglect to workers they were trying to organize in order to gain their support.a. Featherbeddingb. Pink sheetingc. Surface bargainingd.



The ________ clause is a provision of a collective bargaining agreement that restricts either party from requiring the other party to bargain on any issue that was not previously negotiated in the agreement for the term of the contract.a. openerb. escapec. zipperd. severability

Appeals to replacement workers or delivery people not to cross a picket line or appeals to employees of subcontractors not to continue work essential to the operation are examples of activities included in a ________.a. lockoutb.

wildcat strikec. sickoutd. d.primary boycott


21. What is a hot cargo agreement?a. It is an agreement provision that allows future negotiations during the term of the contract on specific mandatory issues such as wages or health care.b.

It is an agreement provision that protects the rest of the contract should one section come into conflict with state or federal law.c. It is a negotiated contract provision of a collective bargaining agreement that restricts either party from requiring the other party to bargain on any issue that was not previously negotiated in the agreement for the term of the contract.

d. It is a negotiated contract provision stating that union members of one employer have the right to refuse to handle nonunion or struck goods of other employers.


22. In the day-to-day administration of a collective bargaining agreement, the majority of time is spent on ________. a. bargaining wagesb.

soliciting support for the unionc. grievance handlingd. creating awareness among employees about their rights


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