Finals – English

After he was wounded in scene 1 Mercutio says to Romeo, why the devil came you between us? I was hurt under your arm.which of the following is best paraphrase of Mercutio’s words
why did you interfere your arm allowed him to stab me

when Benvolio announces Mercutio’s death, Romeo replies, this days black fate on moe days doth death;/ This but begins thw woe others must end.

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which of the following best describes Romeos emotional reaction to mercutios death?

grief and fear of the future

after tyblats death the prince sentences Romeo to which of the following punishments

at the beginning of act three scene two Juliet is alone in Capulets orchard. she delivers a long speech in which she eagerly anticipate Romeo’s arrival at nightfall. which of the following correctly describes the speech?

in act three scene three when Romeo learns about the princes decree, which of the following best expresses his reaction and he talks with friar Lawrence

read the following speech by the nurse to Juliet and team 2there is no trust,no faith no honesty in men all perjured all forewarned all naught all dissemblerswhich of the following is best the paraphrase of the speech
manner not to be trusted unfaithful and dishonest they’re all liars and hypocrites

what is the main purpose of scene for which shows Capulet Lady Capulet and Paris
to show Capulet decision that Juliet woman repairs the following Thursday

by the end of act three how has Julia come to regard the nurse
with resentment

which of the following correctly defines an aside
A brief remarks by character revealing his or her true thoughts or feelings, unheard by other characters

at the end of act three what does Juliet decide to do
visit the friar to seek his advice

inseam five Lady Capulet who thinks Juliet is lamenting on death of Tybalt, tells her – therefore have done some grief shows much love/but much of grief shows still want some more of what what is the best paraphrase of this passage
so stop creating some morning is a natural result of love but too much grief is foolish

which word below conveys the same meaning as fray in this line where are the vile beginners of this fray

which of the following best describes the universal theme
and insight into life that is true for many different times and cultures

which of the following best defines antagonists
A personal force opposing the protagonist

what is the term for a tell about a human euro that is based on historical fact

which of the following best to find then archetype
A reoccurring element in the world

from details and the essay you can conclude that for Smith “the Carolina way ” sums up what to the following
A philosophy of coaching and playing basketball

what can you conclude that Dean Smith believes about winning
winning is a byproduct of his philosophy

according to Smith which of the following is most important to success of a basketball team

Dean Smith uses this acridone she’s just the importance of which of the following

by playing hard Dean Smith means that a good player has to do with of the following
put out maximum effort

in this essay Dean Smith seems proudest of which of the following
A very high percentage of his players are in their college degrees

The tone of a work in the authors attitude towards the subject, the characters, or the audience. Which of the following best describes the town of play hard; play together; play smart
upbeat and inspirational

which of the following characters is father of Odysseus

which of the following best defines an epic
A long narrative poem that important events in a history or folklore of a nation or culture

what dangers to Odysseus his men do the Lotus eaters pose?
eating the Lotus will make the men forget about returning home

read the following lines of Odysseusin the next when we found where cyclops, giants, Lotes, without a loss to bless them by implication what cultural value in ancient Greece is Odysseus and five thing in this passage
civilized life in a law abiding society

when is cyclops ask odysseus is name what does the hero tell him
odysseus lies telling the cyclops that he is called nobody

why don’t you just respond the cyclops rather than kill him when the giant is asleep
odysseus it realizes that he and his men need the cyclops to roll aside the huge down that blocks the caves entrance

and which of these episodes does Odysseus loop on this man
The cattle of the son God

which of the following correctly defines a flashback
A scene that and wraps the sequence of events and a narrative to relate earlier events

read the following lines from the Odysseywhat Quality of this epic hero does that this is empathize in this passage

FBN of the cyclops adventure what does polythene is stupid that has an important impact on future events in the epic
he begs his father Posidon to curse Odysseus

what personality trait does Odysseus revealed when he advises a plan to listen to the sirens song and yet escaped destruction

which of the following best cinnamon for assuage

which of the following is most nearly opposite to meaning the mammoth

in part to the Odyssey who is Eumaeus
odysseus is loyal swineherd

what does Odysseus ordered telemachus to do when Odysseus gives him a signal
remove the weapons from the hall

every episode involving Argus Odysseus his dog closes with which of the following
after Argus recognizes this is the dog dies

which of the following strategies is most helpful when you try to understand the historical and cultural context of a literary work
compare and contrast your reactions to ideas and situations but the characters reactions

which of the following is involved and Penelope’s reception of the suitors
A death Shroud for Laertes

which of the following is an example of a simile
odysseus still watching that unreleased suitors like a captain surveying a rough sea

which other to see his sister treats allow him to try out in the bow and arrow challenge that Penelope sets for her suitors
his skill as a marksman

are you going passage about Odysseus from part two the of the Odysseythis is an epic’s simile compares what to what
odysseus to a musician

why just cannot be test odysseus towards the end of part two
she wants to know if he is really her husband

which of the following best describes the town at the end of the Odyssey

which of the following is best synonym for contempt

which of the following is most nearly opposite of the meaning equity

odysseus/ penelope
king of ithaca / odysseus wife

God of sea earthquakes horses and storms at sea

goddess of wisdom skills and wealfare

The cyclops who imprisoned Odysseus

odysseus’ father

other member of the crew

blind prophet who advised Odysseus

odysseus’ and penelopes son

creatures who songs lure sailor to there death

sea monster of gray rock

enormous and dangerous whirlpool

old swineherd and find of Odysseus

leader among the suitors

housekeeper for Penelope



Prince of verona

A young count came into the prince




an old man
of the Capulet family

Son of Montague

kinsmen to the prince and friend to Romeo

nephew to Montague and friend of Romeo

nephew to lady Capulet

friar lawrence

friar john

servant to Romeo

servant to capulet

servant to capulet

servant to Juliet’s nurse

servant to Montugue

Lady Montague
wait to Montague

Lady Capulet
wife to Capulet

Juliets nurse

citizens of Verona
gentlemen and gentlewoman of both house, maskers, torchbearers, pages, guards, watchmen, servants, and attendants

movable objects like stores or pens that actors on stage

The text of the play – contains both dialogs and stage directions

The high point of interest or suspense

and medias res.
in the middle of the story

A speech by one character that is addressed to another character

A short speech delivered by a character to express thoughts or feelings

A long speech expressing the thoughts of a character alone on stage

Conversation between characters that may reveal traits

references to a well-known person, place, or event, lit term, work, or work of art

text aids
number of explanations that appear with text

stage directions
no it’s not text that describe how work should be performed/ stage

long narrative poem about deeds of God/heros

epic hero
The larger than life central character and epics

Beef – singular = camel

figure of speech one thing is spoken as though it were something else

figure of speech – words like/as to compare two item

epic simile
(homenic simile) elaborate comparisons of unlike subject

historical context
The background of an era in which the play is set

briefly stating main points and a piece of writing

is seen that interrupts seq.

of events in a narrative to relate earlier events

main character

person/force that opposes protagonist

character who provides a contrast to another character

A central message or insight into labor revealed through lit work

blank verse
poetry written in unrhymed iambic petameter lines

tall tail
A type of hotel that contains some all these features: humor, hyperbole, far-fetched situations, highly imaginative language, and a hero performs outrageous feats

A narrative of human actions that are perceived by teller and listener to take place within human history repossessed certain qualities to get the tail versimilitude

A type of character, detail, imagine or situation that appears a literature from around the world and throughout history

universal theme
A message about life that can be understood by most cultures

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