My first hour of the day

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Last updated: June 18, 2019

As I opened my sleepy eyes I could see the morning dawn breaking in front of me.

The rays of the glowing sun beaming brightly down on the crystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, sparkling like a diamond. Overhead the squawking of the birds is the only sound to be heard over the calm shores. The gentle sea breeze swaying the palm trees above my hammock and softly rocking me from side to side. I leaped out of my netted hammock on to the golden sand, where the grains of sand underneath my feet almost massaging it as I walked towards the sea edge.

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As I got closer to the sea front I could hear a tranquil swishing sound of the waves hitting the beach. The warm seawater rushed up over my ankles and as it trickled back down to the ocean my feet soothingly sunk into the saturated sand. I took my feet out and ran through the wind then vaulted into the sea, under the wave I went and back up into another one. I lay on my back for a while relaxing whilst the sedate waves lightly washed over my body. I turned on too my front and went for my morning swim up to the strikingly colourful reefs and back.I got back on to the shore refreshed and wide awake ready for my habitual day ahead.

I lazed in the intense sunbeams for while though drying off my wet body. As soon as I was dry I felt a bit peckish so I went up to a wood pile and laid the old planks of wood down that had been swept ashore the other day and started the fire up, then fetched my sharpened spear as well as my snorkelling gear and charged off into the sea looking for my breakfast. I swam back out to the reef , with the spear closely by my side ready to pounce on any bewildered fish that might swim past.I peered under the sea through my cast-off misty goggles as a shoal of astounding fish swam underneath me, I was so busy admiring the wonderful colours and peculiar patterns of the fish that I forgot all about breakfast. I swam out further intrigued by these radiant fish and wanting to find and see more of them.

I snorkelled over the reef amazed by the different colours and textures I was seeing. Another shoal of fish swam below me then disappeared under a rough looking sponge feature, I swam down after them anxious to find out where they had gone.I placed my pale trembling hand on to the spongy item and enticed it away almost immediately because the soft looking object wasn’t so soft after all. It had a craggy feel to it and a delusional look about it as it had mislead me into thinking it was a placid object which was as smooth as a newly varnished table. I cautiously swam around the side of the reef and peered into the dark mysterious hollow hole in the reef. It reminded me off an endless tunnel, as you could see nothing but darkness in the birth.

A strong fragrant smell rushed up my nose as I stuck my head in the gap, it reminded me of a smell I had smelt whilst departing the industrious harbour in Australia. I suddenly felt short of breath so I swiftly swam back up to the patent surface and stuck my head up through the waves and gasped for a breath. I took a big deep breath in and dived back into the underworld of the sea. The deeper I kicked through the waves the colder the water felt on my bare skin.I peered my head into another gap in a reef and as I did a dark shadowy feature popped out and scared the living daylights out of me, this entity then swam off into the distant depths of the ocean leaving me to try and get my heartbeat back to normal. I swam back up to the top and took a few breaths in before swimming back towards shore and my breakfast hopefully. I swam to around 50 metres from land then waited patiently for some fish to come.

I didn’t have to wait long this morning, thankfully because I was starving after my little adventure in the reefs.A shoal of fish swam past me and I prepared me spear for the kill. They swam round me again stupidly, thrash I unleashed a firm throw which went as straight as a arrow right through the middle of the fish, as the spear went through the fish the rest of the shoal befriended and dispersed in different directions so not to become the second part of my breakfast. I felt content with this one fish, as it was reasonably sized with plenty of meat on it.

I swam back to shore with the fish still on the sharp point of my deadly spear.I pulled the slimy scaly shiny silver fish off the end and placed it through the wooden pole over the fire and left it to cook. I took the fish off the pole and filleted it carefully to make sure I didn’t lose any of the meat off it.

I stuck my knife into the heart of the fish and tore off a piece of succulent fish and placed into my gapping, dry mouth. It tasted absolutely fantastic a lot better than any cornflakes you get at home. Once I had devoured the palatable fish I lay on my hammock and caught a few rays of sun to touch up my tan before escaping into the forest for shade and more logs.

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