First how it will now mean nothing, and

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Last updated: June 13, 2019

First 10 sections (after 30 pages):   A man goes in the woods to a very dark world around him.

He moved a tarp and old blankets. He checks on his son, that is sleeping, and he thinks about the dream he had last night. In his dream he held a child’s hand, going into a cave. In the cave there is a lake. Across the lake there was a naked creature.

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This creature was very pale. the boy watches the land around them. He thinks it is October, but does not have a calendar. Showing that the world has been like this for a long time time. The man and the boy are moving south because they want the winters to be warmer.

 He goes home and gets the tarp ready  for breakfast, putting a pistol in front of him. He let’s the boy know that he isn’t going to leave him, and he will stick with the boy. They head out, with only a cart loaded with their things. Each of them carries a sack that has their supplies should if they had to run away and ditch the cart.they visit a gas station, but they don’t find too much there.

The man finds a phone and calls his father’s house, but there’s no phone service. He also gets oil for their lamp before they leave and co to walk. They look down on a burned house and how it will now mean nothing, and how Everything is dead and covered in ash, which sounded like it could be foreshadowing to me.    They find an abandoned city the next day. The only thing in the city is just burned buildings, and a dead body in a doorway.

The man tells the boy that he shouldn’t look at it, because once those memories won’t go away, especially the bad memories. This makes me feel like the dad had a bad memory, and he doesn’t want his son to have that kind of experience. The man remembers a day from when he was a child. He was with his uncle on a lake in a small boat. They brought a stump across the water and didn’t talk the entire afternoon. The man believes this was the perfect day from his childhood.

This me wonder, how could it be the perfect day if they didn’t even talk to each other?

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