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Fitbit Charge 2 is a smartwatchor activity trackers, wireless-enabled wearable technology devices that measuredata such as the number of steps walked, heart rate, quality of sleep, stepsclimbed, and other personal metrics involved in fitness.Produce by            In 2007, our founders, Eric and James, realized that sensorsand wireless technology had advanced to a point where they could bring amazingexperiences to fitness and health. They embarked on a journey to create awearable product that would change the way we move.

Characteristics,Features, and Functions Characteristics            When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, steps are justthe beginning. Fitbit tracks every part of your dayincluding activity, exercise, food, weight and sleepto help you fit, stay motivated, and see how small steps make a big impact.Features            Thefeature of Fitbit Charge 2 consist of  PurePulse Heart Rate which track heart rate continuously on your wrist tomaximize workouts, better track calorie burn and get a clearer picture of yourhealth—all without an uncomfortable chest strap. Second, All-DayActivity Tracking, a track steps, distance, calories burned, floorsclimbed, active minutes & hourly activity with up to 5-day battery life.Next, Reminders to Move to help you stay activethroughout the day, Charge 2 sends Reminders to Move that encourage you to take250 steps every hour. Auto Sleep Tracking & Alarmswill automatically track your sleep duration and consistency. Then wake up peacefully with a silent alarm. The next feature, Sleep Stages is using heartrate, Charge 2 shows your time in light, deep and REM sleep to help youunderstand your sleep quality better.

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Multi-Sport Modes is trackspecific exercises like running, weights or yoga to see your workout stats ondisplay. Next, Connected GPS will connect toyour phone’s GPS to see real-time run stats like pace and distance on yourwrist, and a map of your route post-workout. Next, SmartTrackis Charge 2 automatically recordsselect exercises like hiking, biking, sports and more, so you get credit evenif you forget to log a workouts. Cardio Fitness Level,Powered by PurePulse to get a better understanding of your fitnesslevel and see how you can improve over time with a personalized Cardio FitnessScore. Guided Breathing Sessions: Find moments of calm throughout your day withpersonalized breathing sessions based on your real-time heart rate. Call, Text & Calendar Alertsis see call, text & calendar alerts on your wrist to keep your phone out ofsight and your goals in focus. And the last feature, CustomizableClock Faces for choosing your clock display based on the stats youwant to see and the design that suits your taste.

Functions            The functions of this Fitbit Charge 2 have a 6 Big Upgrades NoLonger Under Wraps.      First, Workout PauseFunction is stuck at a traffic light during your run? Justpress the button on the side of your tracker to pause any multi-sport exercisemode. The screen will flash while your workout is on hold. When you’re ready toresume, simply press the button again.         Next, GuidedBreathing Vibration Cues while in Relax mode, you can now close youreyes    or look away from your tracker, alight vibration will signal when you need to inhale and exhale during thestress-busting guided breathing sessions. Try it during one of these unnecessarily annoying situations. Do Not Disturb Option younow have the ability to turn notifications on or off directly from your Charge2. There are two ways to do this.

The first: While in the main clock face menuon your device, press and hold down the side button. The second: Click theside button until you come to the notification screen and then press and holddown that same button to turn notifications on or off. The Following, Improved HeartRate Zone Display a new, more dynamic visualization makes it easierto identify which heart rate zone (fat burn, cardio, or peak) you’re in duringan exercise session. This quick-glance gauge allows you to adjust yourintensity on the fly so you can complete every workout with precision. New to heart ratetraining? Here’s a primer on how to work out with heart rate. On-Device Battery Life you’realways on the go and Fitbit wants your tracker to be, too. That means nounexpectedly drained batteries.

Now you can see the percentage of battery lifeyou have left directly on your Charge 2 display. To add this screen to yourdevice, go to the Fitbit app and select Account. Tap on Charge 2 and then MenuItems. You can then click the checkbox for Battery.

You’ll need to sync yourdevice before this change takes effect. New Clock Face ifyou want to make every second count, this new clock face—with the hours, minutes,and seconds—will help. To add it to your device, open the account setting onyour Fitbit app, select Charge 2, and then “Clock Face.” You’ll find the new Seconds Ring option there. Select itand then sync your device. And the plus 5 Stocking Stuffers in function have a Intuitive Intervals if you’ve set up and used your Charge 2 interval timer, youknow that your devices vibrates when it’s time to transition between intervals.(If not, check out this interval timer primer.

)  But now the dimmeddisplay screen will also light up, making it even easier to follow along.  Next, Workout Recaps That Last Longer on-screen exercisesummaries will now be available for one hour after your workout wraps up.You’ll still be able to view your complete exercise history on your dashboardwhenever, wherever. Next, Smarter Notifications tocatch your eyes when you’ve got more than one unread notification, you’ll nowsee a plus sign (+) indicator on your tracker display. UnknownCaller ID callers are now identified as “unknown” if the numberdoesn’t match a name in your contact list.

And MessagePrioritization the sequence for text notifications has changed. Nowthe message scrolls first, then the sender’s name. TechnologyEcosystem            Regardingthe product, it is selected by applying the technology ecosystem model.Technology ecosystem can help you in finding topic about Fitbit’s analysis ofall branches, from hardware, software up to organizational infrastructure,social system or individual users. It helps you to understand and identifiedadvantages and disadvantages.

Moreover, it can help you to decide aboutproducts in use and top up businesses in the future. First, hardware in term of enabling wetalk about Fitbit charge2. It has many colors and special editions such asblack, plum, blue, teal on stainless steel for general and lavender on 22k rosegold plated, Gunmetal black stainless steel for special edition. The device hasfashionable design and can adapt to your style bydesigning it yourself. It can take you anywhere and anytime and has 4collections for suit with your style and occasion such as Luxe leathercollection which      is soft and genuineleather accessory bands. Also, it has a style of beautiful, casual andcomfortable. Special edition series consist of premium trackers feature,classic band and beautiful beveled diamond texture. Sport collection is sportyand stylish.

Besides, it has ambassador like Dean Karnazes, Jens Voigt and Ryan& Sara Hall. Classic collection is water-resistant accessory bands andsupport in every activities from work to workout. This product has an advantageabout screen, it has big screen for easy tracking, OLED screen allows foreasily reading in the brightest sun and has long battery life.

It lasted morethan 5 days on a single charge. But in term of limiting is not waterproof thatmeans you can’t take it for swimming. For long use, you should take it off whenshowering but assure that it can withstand hand washing and water spraying. Andit has no camera so it does not take a photo or scan QR code.Next, software in term of enablinghas function aspire pulse heart rate that it can track your heart ratecontinuously all day, multi-sport tracking & connected GPS, cardio fitnesslevel, guided breathing sessions and call, text & calendar alerts.Moreover, it has auto sleep tracking & sleep stages, Smarttrack (Autoexercise recognition) and Reminders to move.

But in term of limit is whenyou received any messages or calls. You will not be able to reply at thesupport because it can’t support. It has no GPS control in Fitbit charge 2 butit can connect to GPS on your phone. Finally, because it has more function thatit may cause confusion to customer. Afterwards, organizational infrastructurein term of enabling is American Company and its product from the same name sopeople can easily access in known this company.

Company has been establishedfor a long time and has been famous enormously. Especially, company has manyresearch studies before launching product to the consumer and they have a goodteamwork environment in process of work. But in term of limit, Company iswell-known activitytrackers, wireless-enabledwearable technology devices. In additionto, company’s motivating factor is when organization received idea about healthand more active life so it inspired them in building products that helptransform people’s lives.

And people lives are charged so it is pressured tocompany in product creation. But parts of inhibiting factors are company hasmany competitors because this product is common in the market.Another fact is social system interm of enabling from political aspect, law allows using it. From health andmedia system aspect, product compiles more function about these aspect in one,thus it has benefitted for people and easy to use. For the limit from economicaspect, because the product does not have enough functions or benefits so thatit may be lower than other companies. Motivating factor is considered asgood-looking, high-tech accessory and applying to use in exercises and fitnesspurposes.

But inhibiting factor in term of price is quite expensive and peoplethat lacked technological knowledge may find it difficult. In term ofindividual users, people are adopting these Fitbit because it has no complexityfunction and make people more aware about health and environment. But sometimeit has no social interaction between people. TargetgroupThe target group of ‘Fitbit charge2’ have age ranges is 20-35 years old, who interested and satisfied of exerciseto take care yourself about health, body fit and physical fitness.

In innovation adaptors, first is innovatorsfor creating and developing the old product to new product. Second, earlyadopters is fitness blogger by personal trainer and technology blogger will beopinion leader to promote and telling information about product, what featuresit have and how it work. Third, early majority is people who always workouts 4-5day per week, so they want Fitbit charge 2 to control our health and makephysical fitness better. Forth, late majority this path for people who want tostart taking care of yourself about health, beginning with workouts 2-3 day perweek, tracking steps, distance, calories burned and tracks your sleep durationand consistency. Before they will buy Fitbit charge 2, they will searchinformation about product it is good or not .

And last one, laggard will be fatpeople who don’t want to exercise they know it should to do, but they doesn’t.They waiting for the time that they have inspiration to workouts.5Steps-process for individual (Innovation-decision process)            The innovation-decision process is a process throughwhich an individual passes 5 steps to the adoption of an innovation includingknowledge, persuasion, decision, implementation, and confirmation. The productof this project is Fitbit Charge 2 watch which is a Smartwatch using formotivating you to achieve your health and fitness goals by tracking yourexercise, activity, sleep, breath, heart rate and more.             Starting with knowledgestage that an individual will find and knowabout Fitbit Charge 2 watch existence then gain some understanding of productinformation, such as what it is, its features, functions, price and so on thenthe ways we do in this stage are introducing and informingthe product to target group by salesmen from the watch company as well asadvertising on social media which appropriate to the target group. The secondstep is persuasion that the individual forms a favorable or unfavorable attitude toward the productand perceives characteristics of it, so we offer and convince consumers to trythe watch. Some of them maybe accept to try it after that they will think aboutadvantage, compatibility, complexity and observability of the product then get someaspects toward it.

The next step is decision related       to the individual takes the concept ofthe change after trying the watch and evaluates the advantages anddisadvantages of using this product then decides to buy or reject it. Passingto the implementation stage, if target group decides to buy the watch, he/she willutilizesit then the target group also realizes and determines the usefulnessof the product.            Finally, the last stepis confirmation involved in target group will seek reinforcement to thedecision choosing to adopt or reject the watch that the individuals who areinnovators and early adopters are more likely to positively confirm theirdecision to adopt the product than later adopters then it will be a long-termeffect which he/she continues to use it or not. social MediaTwitter            “Twitter”is the way that you can communicate by short message with maximum of    280 characters called “tweet” that issimilar to sending SMS but are not just only sent between peopleand it was published on the social network and all of youfollowers will see your tweet immediately.            Twitteris one of the blogs or online diary but it is a small blog called “Micro Blog”which is a unique way of the new generation who likes to read something shortand fast but there is a growingminority of tweeters who send out some really useful content. And that’s thereal value of Twitter: it provides a stream of quick updates from friends,families, scholars, news journalists, and experts. It empowers people to becomeamateur journalists of life, describing and sharing something that they found interesting abouttheir days.

Twitter is also popularto spread major political situation or huge crisis such asHaiti earthquake and have a lot of people followed andsent a report to the situation.            Today,the media around the world have recognized that Twitter has changed the wayprofession works about communication. Because social media likes Twitter can makesanyone be a news source or newsreader anywhere and anytime.            Thousands of people advertised their recruiting services,their consulting businesses, their retail stores by using Twitter. And it doeswork. The modern internet-savvy user is tired of a television advertisement.People today prefer advertising that is faster, less intrusive, and can beturned on or off at will.

.. and Twitter is exactly that. If you learn how thenuances of tweeting work, you can get good advertising results by usingTwitter.Instagram            “Instagram”is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. When you post a photo or video on Instagram, it will bedisplayed on your profile.

Other users who followed you will see your posts intheir own feed. Likewise, you’ll see posts from other users whom you choose tofollow.            Instagram has come a long way sinceits early days in terms of posting options. When it first launched in 2010, Instagram rapidly gained popularity, with onemillion registered users in two months, 10 million in a year, theInstagram Stories functionality has over 250 million active users.Instagram was acquired by Facebook in April 2012 for approximately US$1 billion in cash and stock.The popularity of Instagram has resulted in widespread community engagement,including dedicated “trends”, in which users post specifictypes of photos on specific days of the week with a hashtag representing acommon theme.

However, the company has been the subject of criticism, most notably for policy and interface changes,allegations of censorship, and illegal or improper content uploaded by users.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)            It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,””organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. All majorsearch engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primarysearch results, where webpages and other content such as videos or local listingsare shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant tousers. Payment isn’t involved, as it is with paid search ads.

            No single SEO factor will guaranteed search enginerankings. Having a great HTML title won’t help if a page has low-qualitycontent. Having many links won’t help if they are all low in quality. Havingseveral positive factors can increase the odds of success, while the presenceof negative factors can worsen those odds.

            Search engines want people to perform SEO because it canhelp improve their search results. Search engines provide help in the form ofguidelines, blog posts and videos to encourage specific SEO techniques.However, there are some techniques that search engines deemed as “spam” or”black hat,” which could result in your pages receiving a ranking penalty, orworse, being banned from the search engines entirely.

Characteristics, Features and Functions First of all, we all know Twitteris one of the most popular social network that people tends to use in thismoment by using your username and password to log in to your account but we useit to spread our Fitbit Charge 2 to people who use twitter, the characteristicof it is a social networkingand micro blog service that allows you to answer the question by sending shorttext messages 280 characters in length, called “tweets”, to yourfriends, or ” followers.” You can also share other tweets fromother users who you follows it’s called “retweets” you can share information withpeople that you couldn’t normally exchange email or IM messages Twitter hasmany uses for both personal and business use. It’s a great way to keep in touchwith your friends and quickly broadcast information. For business, Twitter canbe used to broadcast your company’s latest news and blog posts, interact withyour customers, or to enable easy internal collaboration and groupcommunication. Today, Twitter can post many contents like GIFs , Videos ,Pictures or event using a live streaming passing application  called ” Periscope “.

You can use hashtag to classified your information to be easy to search and make itpopular on Twitter. Harassment and Cyberbullying are big troubles in manysocial network but Twitter has a feature that you can use to block or mutesomeone who use a bad word by Anti-Harassment and Cyberbullying Features policy to prevent a social crime so that’s why we use twitterto be a one of our social tools to publish our product “Fitbit Charge 2 ” Second, our next tool is Instagram.Instagram is an application thatallows users to share pictures, users would be able to upload up to tenpictures or videos to one post and videos either publicly, or privately byusing your account. Users can upload photographs and short videos, follow otherusers’ feeds and geotag imageswith the name of a location, connect their Instagram account to other socialnetworking sites, enabling them to share uploaded photos to those sites. Users who follow each other can send private messageswith photos and videos. Next one is very popular in Instagram “Instagram story”it is an image uploaded to a user’s story expired after 24 hours. The medianoted the feature’s similarities to Snapchat.

Instagram Stories allowing users tobroadcast themselves live with the video disappearing immediately after ending.As you can see there are many features and functions that can be used to be achannel of advertising, many of entrepreneur use Instagramto post they product and service. Not only the hashtags can be found when yousearch in Instagram but also a popular post that have  many viewers and like then you can look toothers profile, picture, video and Instagram story that’s a good way to be seenby many people. Last, we make adecision to use a Search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is the process of affecting the online visibility ofa website or a web page in a web search engine’sunpaid by using a “Keyword” of searching. Asan Internet marketing the more we get audience and the less we paidfor it is good for us we considered that using this tool are more likely to befound by consumer when they use a search engine to search what they want toknow.

We will use a wide keyword to make our Product information found bycustomer. SEO can be compare with a worker that have ability to work for you 24hours a day , 7 days per week, and 365 days per year but we don’t have to paymoney for it to make it work for you , you just set up it with a keyword andtargeting them to be us. In conclusion ,our decision to use these tools because they can be an opportunity to make goodimages for your company and your product by pay nothing like the word “less ismore” use tools to work for you not to pay for it to work. Process            Inthis part, there is concern with how to use or apply social media tools for thestage of our customers. The main social media tools we use are Instagram,Twitter and search engine optimization (SEO) then the process includes1. Find an target avatar of ourproduct (Fitbit Charge 2 watch)                    Thetarget avatar is Thunchanok Ritnaka(Bebe) – an famous actress and fitness influencer, she like exercise and has agood shape.2.

Give the watch to the avatar thenhe/she will use it3. Let the avatar promote it onhis/her social media (Instagram and Twitter)            -On Instagram, He/She will post photos and stories when using it.            -On Twitter, He/She will post opinion, reviews, tutorials, photos of it.(always write hashtags of the product:#fitbitcharge2, #fitbitwatch and #healthywithfitbit)4. Making advertising videos andphotos of the watch5. Paying for promoting on Instagramand Twitter6.

Paying for advertising on SEO(Google Adwords) when people/customers search some words related to watch andour target avatar, it may appear our product’s website on the top of thesearching results on Google then people tend to look and click to that website7. Offering consumers to try using ourwatch via virtual reality (VR) in watch stores than let them post and shareabout their opinion and also photo on social media8. Based on our campaign, FitbitCharge 2 discovers Bangkok that is a campaign promoting the attractive placesof Bangkok by using the watch to check points and earn rewards as well. Whenpeople go to some attractive places, let them take photo and share withhashtags on social media(hashtags of the campaign:#fitbitdiscoversbkk and #fitbitxbkk)

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