Five Sins Of Management Discipline

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Last updated: August 11, 2019

Five Sins Of Management Discipline BY naltre3 Five Sins Of Management Discipline 1 Summary The article is a quick guide to the five most common errors managers and supervisors make when employee discipline is instituted.

A dreaded process they all must face at some time, more often than not, the process is carried out in an ineffective way. This article identifies those errors and helps formulate an approach to discipline based on sound principles. Error #1 : Discipline As Punishment Some managers believe that discipline should be a punishment.This is good if you’re n the military where your unwanted behavior could cause someone’s death. Unpredictable or opposite effects may result from harsh discipline. Discipline should be a learning experience with teeth. An employee must learn what is needed to bring his behavior in line with expectation. If a dog shouldn’t be beaten during obedience training then why should a human be dealt with harshly in the workplace? Error #2: Discipline As An I-You Confrontation This common error explains how some managers see discipline as something done TO an employee, not something done with an employee.

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Both the staff member and the manager should work together to create a situation that encourages one to identify causes of problematic behavior, and to take action to correct those problems. Discipline need to be a positive process that produces positive results. Error #3: Too Late, Too Late Sometimes, for various reasons, managers are too slow in dealing with problematic behavior. This can lead to false perceptions by those with the bad behavior. It is very important that inappropriate behavior or actions in the workplace be, at minimum, oted, and the fact communicated with the staff member, right at the first occurrence.Five Sins Of Management Discipline 2 Error #4: A Non-progressive Approach In conjunction with the previous three errors, discipline must be a progressive issue.

It should start small, or less with less impact, at first and overtime involve stronger actions. If the problem is handle at it’s beginning, harsh action may never be needed. Error #5: Missing Root Cause This should have been error # 1. Without knowing the root causes underlying a erformance problem it will be difficult to work with an employee to improve that performance.This must be identified immediately so a solution can be determined.

Conclusion I picked this article based on past experience. I have been on both sides of the disciplinary process. I did find the article eye opening. I knew that the punishment approach was not ideal but was unsure how to approach bad behavior without putting on the “kid gloves”. I totally agree with the author’s perspective. This article put into perspective an alternate approach to disciplining without the negative ffects.

Although I’m still old school and wouldn’t mind taken care of some problems the butt would only make me feel good. As a manager I noticed, while reading, where I have made some of these errors. Now that I have recognized that, I can change the error of my ways and be less punishing, and more understanding. Next time, I’ll kick with softer shoes on!! Five Sins Of Management Discipline 3 References Bascal, Robert (2005). Five Sins Of Discipline. Taken from, http:// performanceappraisals. org/dacalsappraisalarticles/articles/sinsdisci. htm, on 12 March 2006.

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