Eastern and Western

Based on the movie ‘Outsourced’ and you first two week study in the class, answer any four of the following. Give appropriate examples from the movie ‘Outsourced’. Define differences between Eastern and Western Culture a Food: Food differs from place to place but there is an huge difference in eastern and western food where as western culture tends to eat more cheesy and fast food as compared to eastern cultures

Food or workers treat these animals are very horrifying.

            Foodis a necessity for survival in our everyday lives. But have you really thoughtabout the energy that is put in to make the delicious meals? What we eatmatters. A vegetarian meal has a lower embedded energy compared to a meal withmeat yet we often chose the meal with meat. One of the perks of having morevegetarian meals is the health benefits that come with it. The energy input formeat

Ramazan geçer. Yulaf ve çavdar kepe?ide tercih edilebilir.Kuruyemi?lerin çi?

Ramazan Ay?’nda ibadetlerimizi yerine getirirken, bedenimizin al??t??? günlük rutinimizde hayat?m?za devam edebilmek için ve açl?kla beraber meydana gelebilecek bir tak?m sa?l?k sorunlar?n?z?n önüne geçmek için Dr. Mert Atak’?n sizlere özel pratik ramazan önerileri var. Sa?l???n?z bizim, önerilerimiz sizin için önemli!Ça??m?z?n büyük s?k?nt?s? kab?zl?k ve kab?zl???n neden oldu?u ba?ta hemoroidal hastal?k ve makat çatla?? gibi rahats?zl?klar ne yaz?k ki, hayat?m?z? olumsuz etkiliyor.PEK? ÖNLEMEK ?Ç?N NE YAPMALIYIZ?Ba??rsak hastal?klar?na yakalanmamak için besinlere, içeceklere

Should should eat less of this junk food.

Should People Eat Less Junk Food       Junk food has become widespread lately. These meals are very harmful to the body because they contain a high percentageof fat and sugars. People look at fast food with different views. Some peopleclaim that they should eat less junk food as a result of the health andeconomic damage to the family.” There is a close relationship betweenconsumption of fast food, obesity and some chronic

Eggshell used in the Italian- American cuisines. Also

 Eggshell isprobably the best natural sources of calcium it is about 90% absorbable thancoral sources. Eggshell was used as a fertilizer in a tomato plant and can alsouse as fertilizer in other plants and also used as calcium supplements for women.Eggshells are discarded as wastes from different establishments like hotels, houses,restaurants, etc. It is collected from houses and fast food industries. Theydon’t know that eggshell is a big help to

HEALTH food like they taste great, natural, less expensive,

HEALTH BENEFITS OF DEHYDRATED FOODIntroductionDehydrated Food or Food Drying is a method of preservation where food is dried (dehydrated) to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus. This method has been followed since ancient times to preserve food where they had to store food during shortage.Food was dehydrated in the form of evaporation, smoking, sun drying or air drying but now there are several food driers available in the market

The Importance of Exercise

Exercising is a key component of living a healthy life. “Regular exercise is necessary for physical fitness and good health. It reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases. In my generation exercising can be over looked. ”(Why is) People seem to be consumed more with television shows, fast food, and other unhealthy activities. “The average American watches three and a half hours of

14 Types of Hook sentences with examples

Advice Words of advice that will make an impact on your reader.Example: “When you want something from someone, give them something instead.” Anecdote A short and amusing story about an incident or a person, usually famous. Example: “As a teen, Bill Gates use to go dumpster diving at his workplace, seeking information; that’s how he got his hands on some impressive source codes.” Bold Statement A statement or assertion that


Aristotle claims that “one gets far more out of giving than receiving”; therefore, the truly self-serving person gives of him/herself to others. To be self-serving, one must make virtuous decisions. One must first love oneself (in a self-serving manner) before one can truly love another; a common example of this is Scrooge. Once he loved himself, he was able to help others and give to them just for the satisfaction

A diets) or industrial bakery products is associated

A correct diet, based on the Mediterranean Diet, could play a fundamental role in the prevention and maintenance of our mental health. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, whole grains, nuts, bluefish, quality fats and as a source of hydration the water in the first place and the occasional infusion or cup of coffee without added sugars. These foods of the Mediterranean Diet protect not only cardiovascular diseases, cancer or other diseases,

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