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Test for Alcohols, Aldehydes and Ketones

This experiments Is to find If one substance has alcohols, leaderless or stones. If one reactant Is alcohol, the color of the reactant will be turned Into green when 6 drops of potassium dichloride and 1 drop of concentrated sulfuric acid were added. Also, if one reactant is allayed or ketene, precipitation will be observed when 6 drops of were added to the reactant. Experimental 6 cylinders and 6 spoils

Summery of Anarchist of Darwin

In a village; which is deserted far away from the main city, had a tragic news which buzzed around the village. The village was well known for its big ball of string made by a woman. It was heartbreaking for everyone to lose one of the famous artifact. This tragic was no ordinary accident, it was all set up. A non compose mentis lit the ball with gasoline in a

God and Evil

Atheists basically believe that, if an almighty god, isn’t squaring up against evil, then instead of there not being evil, they believe that instead there is no God!DualismThis is the belief that evil cannot be the fault of god, as its principles are that of opposites of a God, so there must instead be an anti-god, otherwise known as the Devil, or Satan, and that that is the source of

Dirty Pretty Things

Entering the bedroom, the first thing I smelt was the stench of stale sweat, alcohol and cigarette smoke. Trying to ignore the foul stink, I tried to tidy up the room up a little bit before making my way into the bathroom. I couldn’t believe how messy one woman could be.Walking into the bathroom, the first thing I saw was the over-flowing toilet and water covering the floor. I couldn’t

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Many youngsters are involved in alcohol and drug abuse on a daily basis; whether it be in the neighborhood, school, or in the playground. Nowadays, parents are giving their children more freedom than compared to 10 years ago. Children are also maturing at a faster rate than in the past which leads to them wanting to do things that are not normal for there age. Much of this has to

Science in the Workplace

Science is very important in the nursing profession. As such, a lot of experience and qualifications are needed to have all the information required. A nurse is also very important to the health of the nation and this is why all schools are assigned a school nurse to make sure that all students are safe and healthy. Alison Gowland is the school nurse for Stanley School of Technology. Alison is a

Experimental hypothesis

The group of subjects who received the vignette that stated that John had ‘smashed into’ the wall gave a higher estimate (Average= 143%), compared to those who had received the vignette stating John had ‘bumped into’ the wall (Average= 108%). Using an independent samples t-test, the results revealed that the difference between the means t(18)= 2.172, p<0.05, is statically significant. The independent groups t-test was implemented in this practical because

People and Skills

Customers are important because they are the ones who are going to buy the products and people open shops because they want money and want to make profit so if you have no customer, that is mean no profit Cost of the premises is important because it is a sole trader business and an owner will have to find out the cost of the land before he or she buy

Should we judge a man by the cover of his magazine?

Covers of men’s magazines today are utmost offending and profoundly insulting to today’s British men. As I walk into newsagents, I am surrounded by nudity, sex, drugs and even violence at the newspaper stand next to the typical, upmarket British broadsheet newspapers we have pornographic material staring in our faces. The words “sex”, “murder”, “laid”, “Naked” and “muscles” are in our faces. I feel that men’s magazines see the British

Change of Combustion

The literature differences between the values of enthalpy change of combustion for each adjacent pair of alcohols are quite even, about 650kJ/mol. However, the experimental differences are rather deviated. The first difference between ethan-1-ol and propan-1-ol is more or less the same as the literature value. But for the others, the difference is either a negative value or a very large value, up to the double or triple of the

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